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Eudemon - Eudemon Interface


Click this icon to check statistics and information on your Eudemon(s).
Eudemon Bag

This feature allows you to view all of your Eudemons information, It shows their Avatar (image), Name, ID, Level, Loyalty, Quality, and number of Times Reborn.

Move your mouse over the heart icon to check its loyalty.

If it's below 50, you will not be able to summon it. (Buying a EudemonTear from Alice in Cronus will to improve its loyalty.)

A Eudemon's quality (Weak, Common, Average, Good, Strong, Superior, Silver, Gold, Super 1 star...
The super star eudemons are the best. The higher stars a eudemon has, the better stats it has.

Your Eudemon's personal ID number (If applicable).



Initially, only 3 slots are available for hatching Eudemon eggs. But you can complete the, "4th, 5th, 6th Hatcher quest" to add 3 additional slots to your hatchery.

Drag an egg from your Eudemon bag into the hatchery. It'll hatch after an hour.

If you get disconnected or log off during the hour, you'll have begin this process over.

Eudemon bag
Shows the unhatched eggs(max 6 eggs). If you buy a Eudemon egg from Alice (Cronus 278,411) or loot one from monsters, the bought/looted egg will default to your bag, but the eggs bought from the shopping mall will be put into your inventory. Right clicking on an egg will place it into your Eudemon bag.

Eudemon Evolution
A Eudemon can begin its 1st evolution at level 20. Clicking "Evolve" below its avatar will evolve it. Its 2nd evolution will begin at level 40. Click here to learn more details.

Summon a Eudemon
Select a Eudemon and click "Sum" to summon it. Summoned Eudemon(s) will follow you while fighting. At first you can summon only 2 Eudemons at a time, but you can learn how to summon 3 Eudemons by using a GodEudemonStone or completing the "Summon 3 Eudemons" quest.

Drop a Eudemon
Select a Eudemon, then click "Drop" to drop it.

Eudemon Details
Select a Eudemon, then double click it or click "Detail" to check its details.

Eudemon Skills
Select a Eudemon, then click "Skill" to check its learned skills.

More eudemons

If you carry 4 or more Eudemons, you can click the left/right arrow buttons to view your other Eudemons.

Eudemon Details

Ini HP
A Eudemon's initial HP (health points).

Ini Atk
A Eudemon's initial Attack.

Ini Def
A Eudemon's initial Defense.

Ini Matk
A Eudemon's initial Magic Attack.

Ini Mdef
A Eudemon's initial Magic Defense.

Gift (Special Talent)
These are displayed in the five slots at the bottom of the image..

Right/Left Arrows
Allow you to view Eudemons not shown on the current page.

Eudemon List
Shows all hatched Eudemons in your inventory.

This allows you to recruit knights to your table.

Displays the skills your Eudemon(s) have learned.

Eudemon Skills

All Eudemons are born knowing Cleave and Firebolt. If you want to teach your Eudemons additional skills, just buy a skill crystal from the Grocery, then right click on the crystal and left click the summoned eligible Eudemon. Click here to learn more details about Eudemon skills.

Displays your current % of EXP and what is needed to achieve the next level.

Right/Left arrows
Displays additional skills not currently shown.

Links you to the Eudemon statistics page.

Allows you to drop the selected skill.

Delete the Skill.

Your Eudemons' avatars and basic stats are shown at the top of the screen. you can click "Sum"/Dism to summon/dismiss your Eudemons.