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Rose Captains, The Most Charming Ladies In Legion

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The most charming and special of all female characters can be promoted to a rose captain. Women characters with the most roses are eligible. When this happens, they can share 70% of the legion's Battle Power.

How many Rose Captains can a legion have?
1) Legion level 4-7: 1 White Rose Captain and 1 Red Rose Captain
2) Legion level 8-10: 2 White Rose Captains and 2 Red Rose Captains

Who are eligible to be promoted to Rose Captain

Click "RedRose"/"WhiteRose" button on legion screen to check who has won the most roses in your legion.

I have a higher position when I am eligible to be a Rose Captain? Which position shall I take?

You will take the higher position, and the position of Rose Captain will be awarded to the next eligible lady.

How can I be promoted to Rose Captain?

When you are eligible to be a Rose Captain, you will take this position and enjoy 70% of your legion's battle power after server's maintenance.

How many roses have I received?

Click Rose button to check your roses and the rank in your server.

Where can I buy White and Red Roses?

All kinds of roses are available at the shopping mall (Market 285,473). Do not hesitate to show your admiration to a lady.