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Legion - Contribution

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Legion Contribution

Your legion contribution consists of PK contribution, gold contribution, mentor contribution, Eudemon contribution and EP contribution. The higher your legion contribution, the higher your legion position.

1. PK Contribution.

Eliminating legion enemies will increase your PK contributions up to 1000 points. If you are killed by other players, you will lose some of your PK contributions. Your maximum PK contribution will also be affected. For example, if you lose 100 contribution points, your maximum PK contribution will be 1100 points.

If you are killed by a legion enemies, you will lose the same PK contribution as your enemies gain. That is, you will lose 1 to 100 points PK Contribution each time you die.
2. Gold Contribution
You can gain gold contribution by donating gold to your legion. The ratio of your donated gold and earned contributions is calculated according to your current contributions.

Current Contribution
The Ratio of Donated Gold
and Gained Contribution
300000 or less

3. Mentor Contributions
Mentor contributions are obtained by power leveling low-level members. The gained contributions are 1% of the overall mentoring experience. You can gain at least 1 point but no more than 10 points each time. The maximum contribution is 1000 points a day. If you have already gained 1000 points in a day, you will receive no more contributions on that day.

4. Eudemon Contribution
After activating a totem, the top 50 eudemons in it will be available to add extra Battle Power to legion according to their rank. And its owner will get certain eudemon contribution.

5. EP contribution
Every 1 EP you donate for the legion will get you 200 EP contributions.

More legion Positions:

Your position in your legion varies with contributions you have made in your legion. When your contributions in your legion have reached a certain amount, you will be granted position accordingly.

Position Requirements BP Share
Deputy Lieutenant Total Contributions>=2,000,000 40%
Sergeant Total Contributions>=1,500,000 30%
Senior Member Total Contributions>=1,000,000 20%
Additionally, some players will be granted certain positions if their contributions of certain kind have reached a certain amount.

Position Requirements BP Share
White Sergeant Amount of White Roses>=21,000 30%
Red Sergeant Amount of Red Roses>=21,000 30%
PK Sergeant PK Contributions>=90,000 30%
Mentor Sergeant Mentor Contributions>=90,000 30%
Gold Sergeant Gold Contributions>=330,000 30%
Eudemons Sergeant Eudemons Contributions>=1,200,000 30%
EP Sergeant EP Contributions>=1,200,000 30%
White Corporal Amount of White Roses>=7,000 20%
Red Corporal Amount of Red Roses>=7,000 20%
PK Corporal PK Contributions>=30,000 20%
Mentor Corporal Mentor Contributions>=30,000 20%
Gold Corporal Gold Contributions>=30,000 20%
Eudemons Corporal Eudemons Contributions>=840,000 20%
EP Corporal EP Contributions>=500,000 20%