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Legion - Eudemon Totems

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Legion Eudemon Totems

Purchasing a Eudemon Totem
Once a legion is created, the Eudemon Totem button is added to the legion's window. The Legion Leader, Deputy and Leader's Spouse can access the Eudemon Totem window to purchase a Eudemon Totem.

Who can Purchase a Eudemon Totem
The Legion Leader, Deputy and Leader's Spouse

The Price For Purchasing a Eudemon Totem
5 million legion fund

Registering a Eudemon on the totems.
1. All legion members can register their Eudemons on their Legion Eudemon Totem.
2. A registered Eudemons must be 5 stars or above.

3 . Only 50 Eudemons can be registered on a totem. After that, you cannot register more Eudemons unless your target Eudemon's stars are higher than that of the 50th Eudemon. If this happens, your registered Eudemon will replace the existing 50th Eudemon.

The higher level you reach, the more Eudemons you are allowed to register on the totems.
Character Level The eudemons you are allowed to register

Character Level The eudemons you are allowed to register
70~89 3
90~99 6
100~109 10
110~119 15
120~129 20
130+ NO limitation

The benefits of registration

1. Eudemon Contributions
You can gain Eudemon contributions for registering your Eudemons on a totem. Your Eudemon contributions will affect your position within your legion.

2. Battle Power Bonus
1) Totem Battle Power
The totem Battle Power is calculated from the top 5 Eudemons on the totem.

2) Legion Battle Power
The legion Battle Power is the sum of the top 8 totem potencies.

3) Bonus Battle Power
You can be rewarded with legion Battle Power according to your position in the legion. The higher your legion Battle Power, the more bonus Battle Power you will have.

If your legion Battle Power is too low, you can enchant a totem to grant you more Battle Power.

1) Who can enchant a totem?
The Legion Leader, Leader's Spouse, Deputy, Honor Deputy can use EPs or gold to enchant a totem; all legion members can use EPs to enchant a totem.

2) How many totem Battle Power can be enchanted?
No more than six Battle Power.

3) How many Battle Power can a totem have?
No more than 8 Battle Power.

4) What is required for enchanting?
Legion Fund

Battle Power
Legion Fund
EPs Required
1 100 million 500 EPs
2 130 million 650 EPs
3 160 million 800 EPs
4 200 million 1000 EPs
5 250 million 1250 EPs
6 300 million 1500 EPs

The steps to enchant a totem

1. Open the legion totem.

2. Check the totem you want to enchant and click "Add" on the Totem screen.

3. Use legion fund to enchant totem and enter the desired Battle Power.

4. The totem has been successfully enchanted.

5. If you have added extra BP on this totem, you can also change it.