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Legion - Leadership

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Leadership :

Position Privileges BP Share
Leader 1. Promote a Deputy
2. Recruit/expel member
3. Activate a eudemon totem
4. Appoint Secretary
Deputy Recruit/expel member 90%
Honor Deputy 1. Appoint a Deputy's Aide
2. Activate a eudemon totem
Leader's Spouse 1. Recruit/expel member
2. Activate a eudemon totem
3. Appoint a Leader's Spouse Aide
General Recruit Member 80%
Honor General Appoint a General's Aide
Captain Promote a Captain's assistant 70%
Lieutenant Enjoy Lieutenant's privileges 50%
Deputy's Spouse
Deputy's Spouse Aide
Deputy's Aide
Deputy Lieutenant Enjoy Deputy Lieutenant's privileges 40%
Sergeant Enjoy Sergeant's privileges 30%
Captain's Spouse
General's Spouse
Captain's Aide
General's Aide
Senior Member Enjoy Senior Member's privileges 20%
Lieutenant's Spouse Enjoy Junior Member's privileges 15%
Junior Member
Common Member Enjoy Common Member's privileges 10%
Reservist None 0%

The Leader can promote and dismiss the Deputy.
The Leader can pass on his position to a member of his choice.
Deputy, Leader's Spouse, General and Captain can appoint an Aide.
The Aides of the Leader Spouse and Deputy Spouse enjoy Lieutenant's privileges.
The Aides of the General and Captain enjoy Sergeant's privileges.
You can dismiss your Aide and the Aide can also resign.