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Class PK Competition

How do you measure up against your peers? Are you a heavyweight or a featherweight character? Have you achieved the zenith of your skills? Do you possess the most powerful Eudemons? Are you willing to fight to prove your worth? Now you get a chance to prove yourself!

The Class PK Tournament has come on Feb 11th, 2009. During this fierce and immersive tournament, you can roll out your fearsome character against your friends and enemies in a fair-play, same-class battle royal. If you've got the skill, tenacity and endurance to survive and become the last one standing, you will win fame and lots of EXP!


21:00 to 22:30 every Sunday
If the Monthly and Class PK Tournament happen to be on the same day, only the Monthly PK Tournament will be held.

1. Duke Prania in Cronus (174,416): the entrance teleporter to the first PK map (Large PK Field). Only available during 21:00-21:04.
2. PK Awarder: Awards the champions their hard earned prizes.
3. PK Supervisor: The teleporter to the next PK Map.

All challengers will get a certain amount of Exp according to their performance.
Battle group
Exp rewards for moving on to the next PK map.
Large PK Field to Medium PK Field
Medium PK Field to Final PK Field
Level 1-59
Level 60-79
Level 80-99
Level 100+

From May 8th, the champions of Class PK Tournament can choose one gift pack as reward from the 3 options below:
Pack A: 25*SaintXO + 25*UniversalXO
Pack B: 25* SaintXO + 5 God Tears + 5 Oracle Stone + 5 Smelt Symbol
Pack C: 25*UniversalXO + 5 God Tears + 5 Oracle Stone + 5 Smelt Symbol

Between 21:00 to 21:04 every Sunday, DukeParacia (174, 416) will appear in CronusCity to teleport players to the PK map.

Also, you can enter the tournament grounds via the system reminder.

There are 3 maps for the tournament. Players who manage to enter the next map will receive a certain amount of Exp as a reward. So don't worry if you are not strong enough to win the tournament; just join in and try your best to survive, you can still get some Exp as a reward!

Who are eligible Champions:
The last players on a PK map will be the eligible champions for that map. Who then can claim his/her prizes from the PK Awarder. Please pay attention to the available time for the PK Awarder.

The PK Awarder Availability (The champion prize awarder):
Large PK Field: awards the prizes from 21:05-21:14
Medium PK Field: awards the prizes from 21:18-21:44
Final PK Field: awards the prizes from 21:48-22:29

The Available Times for PK Supervisor (the teleporter to the next PK map):
Large PK Field: Teleports the challengers to Medium PK Field from 21:15-21:17
Medium PK Field: Teleports the challengers to Final PK Field from 21:45-21:47