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Spend Eudemon Points To Buy Unique Items

Lily (market 281,470) sells all kinds of unique items and Eudemons. However, she only trades Eudemon Points (EPs) for her items. If you have enough EPs, you can buy anything in her inventory.

You can obtain EPs from Humphrey in the market( 281,474) by crediting your Eudemon Codes, which are purchased through the official site. Click here for details about purchasing and crediting Eudemon Codes.
  • Gems
  • Eudemons
  • Equipments
  • Others
God Tear
136 EPs
Description: Used for improving your equipment's divine quality.
Smelt Symbol
29 EPs
Description: Use it to assist you with the 3rd socket.
Oracle Stone
29 EPs
Description: Used for upgrading your equipment's divine bonus.
12 EPs
Description: Endow extra bonus to the equipment.
136 EPs
Description:Upgrade the quality of equipment
29 EPs
Description: Upgrade the level of equipment
69 EPs
Description: 69
Description: +15% exp, embedded in weapon, bracelet, boots.
83 EPs
Description: +3 BP, Embedded in weapon, necklace, bracelet , boots
56 EPs
Description:+10% attack, embedded in weapon, necklace, boots.
56 EPs
Description: -10% damage, embedded in helmet, armor
56 EPs
Description:+50% dura, embedded in helmet, bracelet, armor, boots, weapon, necklace