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Eudemon - Eudemon Books

Super Eudemon Books

Super Eudemon books are available in the Shopping Mall and will add 4,000 training experience points to that type of Eudemon. However, once your Eudemon's training skill has reached level 70, it won't be able to use Super Eudemon Books anymore.

Eudemon Books

These Eudemon book will add 400 training experience points to your Eudemon. You can use them as long as your training skill is below 100. Monsters randomly drop small eudemon Books.

Both types of books look the same so be sure to read the instructions.



3. Eudemon Notebooks

After your Eudemon's training skill has reached level 70, you can buy a Eudemon Notebook from the grocery store. Right click the book and select a Eudemon. This will convert its training experience into the Notebook. You can then sell it but only 40% of the training experience can be stored in the notebook during this process.
Why sell Eudemon Books? Because readers will gain Eudemon training experience. They can use as many Eudemon Books as needed. Likewise, there are no limitations on character level or Eudemon training experience.