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Demon Rising II - Dracula Manor

Duration Anytime
Rewards Soul Shard (P-3), Gems, Reborn Crystal, Luck Potions, Blessings, etc.
Difficulty 6-Star
Requirements Level 50+
Location Dracula Manor

Vampires are a noble, suave, and charismatic race. They live on blood and worship the goddess, Lilith. They attract humans with their dazzling appearance, and feed on their blood to maintain their long life. Count Dracula is the lord of all vampires, but wavers on his position between the human beings and the demons. The demons continue putting pressure on him, and the Vampires' neutral stance cannot keep for much longer...

What insidious plot hides inside Dracula Manor? Will the Vampires join in the invasion of Cronus, alongside the demons? Better enter the manor and have a look!


Boss 1: Kruuk Boss 2: Cullum Boss 3: Countess Dracula
Drink the demon's blood to gain the power to break his high defense. Drink the demon's blood to gain the power to break his high defense. The Zombies will provide her with blood to stay healthy.
Items dropped: None Items Dropped: Red Stone, Blessings, Reborn Crystals, Luck Potion+1 Items Dropped: Red Stone, Blessings, Reborn Crystals, Luck Potion+1
Boss 4: Soulless Priest Boss 5: Count Dracula  
It can revive Lost Souls. The lord of all vampires. Usually appears as an undead phantom.  
Items Dropped: Red Stone, Blessings, Reborn Crystals, Super HP Potion, Super MP Potion Items Dropped: Soul Shard (P-3), Super Reborn Crystal, Yellow Stones, Red Stones, Luck Potion +1, Luck Potion +2, Luck Potion +3  

Detailed Walkthrough
1. Find the Demon Hunter Harvey (Cronus 209,313), to enter Dracula Mana.

2. Clear all the Demons in the courtyard, and then speak with Housekeeper Moai to gain entrance to the backyard.

3. Clear all the Demons on your way, and kill Kruuk to break his barrier.

4. Defeat Cullum within 5 minutes. Marnie will send you into the inner Manor.

5. Walk straight to the end and stand in the center of altar (594,595), then read from the book to start the sacrifice. During the sacrifice, you cannot move. Your teammates need to protect you from the Vampire Bats.

6. After the success of the sacrifice, Countess Dracula appears and the exits locked! It's a trap! Finish her!

7. Go out of the room and check the 10 statues in the corridor. You hear something moving at the end of the corridor! The statues there have moved themselves, and a hidden path behind them is opened.

8. The body of a dead priest is lying on the ground, with a scroll still clutched in his hand. While you are reading the scroll, the Priest's body trembles and rises! After defeating him, a Teleport Aura appears. Step into it, and it will send you into Count Dracula's chambers.

9. Count Dracula is standing in front of you and continually revives, again and again, no matter how many times you kill him! Why he is undead? Maybe the coffin holds some kind of secret to his power!

10. Another Teleport Aura appears, and leads you to Count Dracula's secret room. Clear the monsters, then go around the room and you will find a bottle of Holy Water.

11. Use the Holy Water next to the coffin, and the real Count Dracula will awaken! Kill him within 5 minutes, and you will get a Soul Shard (P-3) from him!