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How To Protect Your Account

1. Use a long password. The longer your password is, the harder it is for hacker to break it; and use a combination of both letters and numbers. You can change your password here

2. Don't make your character name exactly the same as your login account. It will be easier for the hackers to break your password.

3. Never let anyone else know your account ID, password, security question and answer.

4. Never share or trade your account with anyone. It is not allowed; otherwise you must be responsible for its consequence. Some scammers will trade you their accounts for real money or in-game items, and then change the account password or hack the account they know exactly the information they need.

5. Don't trust anyone who offers free eps or rare items. Once you believed it, they would ask you for your account ID and password, and then you might be hacked. Remember: there is no free lunch.

6. We recommend you to trade in the Market. If you are low level and trading in the City, you might be killed and drop your items.

7. Beware of fraud sites. There is only Eudemons Online site: Don't believe in any news not coming from

8. Don't believe in fake GM. GMs have [GM] or [PM] at the end of their names (exact spelling, no extra character in-between and with a pair of "[]"). Don't trust anyone claiming to be a GM but not having [GM]/[PM] at the end of their names.

(GMs and PMs always take the unique appearance of a cute piggy as shown in the above screenshot)

9. Don't try any bot. No matter what kind of bot you are using, you are effectively giving your account login and password to the creators of bots, and your account are exposed into great danger. The creators of bot programs can take away your account at anytime.

10. Scan your computer for any virus for at least once a week.

11. There is only one work email for Eudemons Online: All cases will be solved via this email. Don't believe in anyone inquiring your account information but not contacting you with

We appreciate your reading through those tips and hope you can protect your account carefully. If you have any questions, please email