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Team System

With the help of the Team System, you can find your teammates, upgrade your level and increase your Battle Power quickly!

You will get tips from George, outside the city.

Invite teammates:
You should set up a team, first. The team leaders will have a sun shining over their head.

After that, you can invite other players to your team in two ways. One is to "Search" for players in the map, then select the one you want to invite and click the "Invite" button. Click the "Detail" button to view the target's equipment and BP.

The other is to invite the players near you, by clicking on them.
Tips: You can't invite the players who are delivering timber.

When a player get invited, the target will see the following window:

Now, you are a team member! Want to say "Hello" to your teammates? Then just select 1 sentence.

Join a team:
Click "Search", and you will find all the teams on your current map.

Click "Details" to have a look at the details of the team. Click "Join" to send a join request to the team leader. You will enter the team, if your request is approved by the leader.