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Knights of the Round Table

The Knights of the Round Table were the most noble and chivalrous of all the knights in King Arthur's court. The Round Table was a symbol of equality and brotherhood; Positioning each knight at equal seating with their king.

Legend says that there may have been anywhere between 25 to 200 knights, many of whom performed gallant deeds of great reknown.

Eight of these valiant knights recently found themselves in the world of Eudemons; leaving a legacy of would-be squires to follow in their footsteps. Each knight has special powers that can be learned from their teachings.

You can appoint your Eudemons to knights! There are eight professions to choose from within this system:

Knights of the Round Table Effect Knights of the Round Table Effect
Tactician EXP + 50%(Max) Cavalier + BP
Acrobat Jump Guardian Damage -70%(Max)
Squire BP +3(Max) Dervish Attack +70%(Max)
Knight BP +3(Max) Templar SP +150(Max)
Cleric 120% Extra HP Lancealot Polymorph & Snare
Resurrector Resurgence

(Please click on the each knight to check its details.)

Every knight of the round table except Resurrector and Lancealot will add 1 extra BP to your total.

Dub your eudemons as Knights of the Round Table, and seize this opportunity to follow the knights' code of chivalry!


Type Available Eudemons character level Nobility Rank
Tactician All Types >=20 None
Acrobat All Mounts >=30 None
Squire All Types >=70 Baron
Knight All Types >=80 Viscount
Cavalier All Types >=101 Count
Guardian Scrunch, Sizzle >=90 None
Dervish Vanquisher, Valkyri >=90 None
Templar pdef, mdef, mdef, pdef >=105 None
Cleric WarriorRex & WarriorNeil >=90 None
Resurrector WarriorRex & WarriorNeil >=20 For Paladin Only
Lancealot Pixie >=20 For Paladin Only

The Benefits of Round Table Knights:

The appointment of Knights of the Round Table will add to your BP.

You have to dismiss Knights of the Round Table before they can be traded, dropped or peddled.

Appointing Knights of the Round Table:

Click the 'Knight' button in the Eudemon bag window and the 'Knights' window will appear:

Click 'Knight' to view your knights of round table. (Take Warrior and Mage's for example)

(A 'Vacant' button will appear when your character has met all the requirements.)

Click the 'Vacant' button to view all available candidates (including those in your Eudemon bag and warehouses).

Click on 'Nominate' and the following message will pop up:

How to Dismiss Knights of the Round Table:

Checking the ranks of the Knights of the Round Table:

If your Knight has a crown, move your mouse over the crown and you can check its ranking.

Click on the crown and you'll get the following message: