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Information - Battle Power Guide

Check your own BP Check others' BP How is Battle Power calculated?

Determining strength: In this example Player A has reached 10-stars while Player B has reached level 100. Which of the two players is stronger? The answer lies in the players' Battle Power. Despite the players' equipment, level, or Eudemons, Battle Power will always take precedence.

How to check your own Battle Power?
The "BP" button at the bottom of the screen will show your current Battle Power. Click on it and you can check the details of your BP:

How to check others' Battle Power?
Know your enemy as well as you know yourself! That is essence of the Art of War as written by Sun Tzu. In the world of Eudemons, the most important thing in PK is Battle Power, so you should always check it first! Click "Check BP" to get a clear view of your target before you charge in for a fatal attack.

Here are some ways to check another player's BP.
One: click "view others" and choose the one you want to check.

Two: Click "Mentor/Friend/Enemy/Partner", and select the name of the online target to check.

Three: When you are talking with others in the whisper window, click "Details" to check his/her BP.

Then the following window will pop up and you can click "Check BP" to check the target's Battle Power.

How is Battle Power calculated?
Please refer to the following table for Battle Power calculations. Note: Even if your character is higher level than your enemy you can still be PK'ed.

Factor Sub-factor Battle Power (BP) Rules
Level Character level 1 level=1 BP.
Divine Level 1 Divine Level=1 BP
Equipment Quality Super Divine=7 BP
Elite Divine=6 BP
Unique Divine=5 BP
Super =4 BP.
Elite =3 BP.
Unique =2 BP.
Refined =1 BP.
Best for current level 1 gear matches your level best= 1 BP.
Bonus For example, if all of your equipment is +1, your bonus Battle Power is 1. ALL of your equipment needs to be +1, +2, etc. in order to be eligible for bonus Battle Power.
Socket 1 socket = 1 BP.
Amber Normal Amber =1 BP.
Refined Amber = 3 BP.
Super Amber = 5 BP.
Super Gem 1 super gem= 1 BP.
Talismans 1-Star Berserk Horn=1 BP
1-Star Mithril Crown= 1 BP
1-Star Potency Rune= 2 BP
Eudemon Star
(available when a Eudemon is summoned)
1 star= 1 BP.
Dead Eudemon = -2 Stars
Normal Eudemons’ Star Rank
(available when a Eudemon is summoned)
Top 1 = 20 BP.
Top 2 = 19 BP.
Top 3 = 18 BP.
Top 4-10 = 15 BP.
Top 11-20 = 13 BP.
Top 21-50 = 12 BP.
Top 51-80 = 10 BP.
Top 81-90 = 8 BP.
Top 91-100 = 5 BP.
Divine Eudemons’ Star Rank
(available when a Eudemon is summoned)
Top 1 = 40 BP.
Top 2 = 39 BP.
Top 3 = 38 BP.
Top 4-10 =35 BP.
Top 11-20 = 33 BP.
Top 21-50 = 30 BP.
Top 51-80 = 27 BP.
Top 81-90 = 25 BP.
Top 91-100 = 20 BP.
(available when a Eudemon is summoned)
BP+1= 1 BP.
BP+2= 2 BP.
BP+3= 3 BP.
Knights of the Round Table Each knight= 1 BP.
2-stars=1 BP.
6-stars=2 BP.
10-stars and above=3 BP.

10-star=1 BP.
20-stars=2 BP.
30-stars and above=3 BP.
10-stars=1 BP.
20-stars=2 BP.
30-stars =3 BP.
40-stars=4 BP.
50-stars=5 BP.
60-stars =6 BP.
70-stars=7 BP.
75-stars=8 BP.
80-stars =9 BP.
90-stars=11 BP.
95-stars=12 BP.
100-stars=13 BP.
105-stars=14 BP.
Mentor The difference between a mentor and an apprentice
(The mentor's BP must be higher and the mentor and his/her apprentice must both be online)
Mentor level 1= 20% of the difference
Mentor level 2= 24% of the difference
Mentor level 3= 28% of the difference
Mentor level 4= 32% of the difference
Mentor level 5= 36% of the difference
Mentor level 6= 40% of the difference
Mentor level 7= 45% of the difference
Mentor level 8= 50% of the difference
Mentor level 9= 55% of the difference
Mentor level 10= 60% of the difference
Nobility After a player reaches level 70, he/she can donate gold and be conferred a noble rank King/queen= 6 BP.
Duke= 5 BP.
Marquis= 4 BP.
Count= 3 BP.
Viscount= 2 BP.
Baron= 1 BP.
Family Family members can share BP if they are on the same map and the same team. Family BP. Tower lvl 4= 70% of the BP. difference
Family BP. Tower lvl 3= 60% of the BP. difference
Family BP. Tower lvl 2= 50% of the BP. difference
Family BP. Tower lvl 1= 40% of the BP. difference
No BP. Tower = 30% of the BP. difference
Castle Castle level Castle level 1 = 1 BP.
Legion Legion position Please refer the table below.
Dragon Morph Being attack by a dragon morph The player's Battle Power will reduce when attacked by a dragon morph

Position Privileges BP Share
Leader 1. Promote a Deputy
2. Recruit/expel member
3. Activate a eudemon totem
4. Appoint Secretary
Deputy Recruit/expel member 90%
Honor Deputy 1. Appoint a Deputy's Aide
2. Activate a eudemon totem
Leader's Spouse 1. Recruit/expel member
2. Activate a eudemon totem
3. Appoint a Leader's Spouse Aide
General Recruit Member 80%
Honor General Appoint a General's Aide
Captain Promote a Captain's assistant 70%
Lieutenant Enjoy Lieutenant's privileges 50%
Deputy's Spouse
Deputy's Spouse Aide
Deputy's Aide
Deputy Lieutenant Enjoy Deputy Lieutenant's privileges 40%
Sergeant Enjoy Sergeant's privileges 30%
Captain's Spouse
General's Spouse
Captain's Aide
General's Aide
Senior Member Enjoy Senior Member's privileges 20%
Lieutenant's Spouse Enjoy Junior Member's privileges 15%
Junior Member
Common Member Enjoy Common Member's privileges 10%
Reservist None 0%