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Info - Deliver The Logs

Want to become a multi-millionaire in just one hour? Go deliver some logs. If you are successful with your deliveries you can earn up to 30 million in gold in an hour.

How can you earn so much gold in such a short amount of time? Well, the kingdom collects a 30% tax on all gold acquired by players after it has been dropped by monsters. These collected taxes are spent on logs purchased from the log distributors. That means the more gold that players pick up, the higher the selling price for logs.

However, the selling price varies from one destination to another. The collected taxes in the Gobi Desert and in Icy Land are very high because they are rich in resources. Players in these areas can pick up a lot of the gold (dropped by monsters). If you deliver logs to these places, you can become a rich merchant in very little time.

Since most of the buildings have been destroyed by the demons, the Kingdom needs to rebuild. Therefore, the logs are in great demand. Grona, the log merchant can help you start your entrepreneurial business . She is distributing the logs in Cronus (653,724) and will tell you how to become her partner.

To be a log distributor, you will need the delivery skill. Only level 35+ players can learn the "Delivery" skill from Grona. She will charge one Violet Stone as a training fee.

After you have learnt the "Delivery" skill, you will become her partner. She will give her logs to you for 100 in gold per log. The amount of logs you can deliver will vary according to your Delivery level. You can deliver 1000 logs at level 1, 2000 logs at level 2 and 5000 logs at level 3. After you have reached level 4 (the highest level), you can deliver 10,000 logs at a time. The carriages also vary dependent on your delivery level. As a novice, you will begin with 1000 logs. Each successful delivery will add experience to your skill. When your delivery level is high enough, you will graduate to the next level. The higher your level, the more logs you can deliver.

After you have received the logs from Grona, a horse carriage (with logs) will appear. Drive your carriage to the architect Ailsa and sell her your logs to earn a profit. Ailsa travels around the Misty Marsh, the Gobi Desert, the Dark Marsh, the Island and in Icy Land.

Please note that you have only one hour for each delivery. If you fail to deliver the logs to their destination within an hour, the carriage will disappear. There are also dangerous robbers to contend with along your way.

Good luck with your burgeoning log distribution business.