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Story of Rotten Sepulcher Boss

BOSS - Defiler

The Defiler used to be a leader of the knight of Cronus before his descent into the Abyss. His name is lost to history. The temptation and fall of the Defiler is considered to one of the greatest successes of the Demon Race. The demonic Defiler and his follower knights are the protectors of the key to Caria Fortress. They will protect this key with their tainted souls, forever.

1. Wailing Banshee

Elia was Defiler's fiancée before her fall to demonic sway and became Wailing Banshee . She sacrificed her body, hoping to save the fallen Defiler as he descended into the Abyss. All her efforts were in vain. As all her hope was gone, she could do little else besides fall alongside her beloved husband into infinite perdition. At night, echoes of her plaintive wail reverberate in the Rotten Sepulcher; telling us her sad story and crying out for salvation.

2. Abyss Knight

After the fall of Defiler, his faithful knights also plunged into the abyss. Defiler's first lieutenant, Mischel, was a favorite of the gods before his fall from grace. He vowed to protect Defiler's family, especially Elia. But he failed to do so as she was determined to follow her husband. There seemed to be no other way but to fall as well so that he could fulfill his promise. No one ever thought that Mischel would sell his soul to the demon lord because he was tested by the gods and gifted with an immortal body. This holy ability changed with his descent into the Abyss and will only protect Mishcel thrice before failing. Regardless, he will still be a tough opponent as you need to kill him 3 times to completely end his evil life.

3. Depraved Aristocrat

The Rotten Sepulcher was where dead heroes were buried. General Schwinger was one of them. He was a Hereditary Earl famous for his meritorious military service. When he was alive, 3 character traits were widely known; his outstanding military exploits, his brutality to both his enemies and his followers, and the third was the most notorious - his greed, which eventually led him to corruption. After noticing Elia's desperate situation, he seduced her and guided her to the darkness.

4. The Devourer

The Rotten Sepulcher was the place where dead heroes who died on the battlefield are buried. Their lust for a new life is so strong that many vile demons were created. The Devourer is the most dangerous of these demons of lust. It hides in the dark corners, watching any humans who pass by. If the Devourer sees a soul that contains resentment and greed, it will ruthlessly consume the offender, heart and soul.

5. Rot Walker

Many generals of noble birth are buried in the Rotten Sepulcher, the valiant but low born general Toby is an exception to this rule. His outstanding military exploit didn't bring him the status and honor he deserved. Envy and dissatisfaction drove him insane and he died without the honor he sought during life. With his last breath, Toby vowed vengeance against all who had wronged him. With jealousy and the curse of the Dark Mage-Lord ruling his body, he could not find peace even after his death. Instead, he wanders the Rotten Sepulcher seeking revenge and salvation. After seeing Defiler fall into the dark, he finally found someone worthy of devotion and has followed him ever since.