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After the Goddesses fell asleep, the Four Elemental Lords, Thurlow, Billot, Moore and Guerra, received divine tokens respectively and took on the responsibilities for maintaining the universal harmony and balance.
The Elemental Lords were faithful to their mission at the beginning, but fell from grace as the evil spawn growing rampantly in the Realm of Sages. They were induced to destroy the divine tokens which led to inextricable nightmare of Goddesses and desperate chaos of Realm of Sages. However, the betrayal did not bring them any benefits. They became useless to the evil side and hateful to the Goddess’ side, living with endless curses and grudge.
Due to hate or fear, most people in the Realm of Sages are not willing to get close to the Elemental Lords’ territories named Frozen Lair for Ocean Lord Thurlow, Fiery Crypt for Flame Lord Billot, Storm Grotto for Wind Lord Moore, and Cata Cave for Rock Lord Guerra. Even so, some heroes still believe the Elemental Lords have the key items to awaken the Goddesses.
Fiery Crypt

Instance Name: Fiery Crypt

Requirement: Level 70
All servers

Entrance: (492,671) in Silent Land

Boss: Flame Lord Billot

Participant Restriction: Single

Flame Lord Billot with great power of fire element was entrusted to protect the Blazes before his betrayal of Goddesses.

Number of BOSS: 1

Drops: Sad Eye, Skystone