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Information - Experience Ball

You can store your money, equipment and even eudemons in the warehouse, but where can you store your experience? Maybe you've never imagined storing and trading your own experience!

Eudemons online has made it true!

Professors of Bond Institute found a direction of making a special container when they are reading the old books in the basement of the library. It's a magic crystal ball, which can store the experience in battle. You can trade them in the market, eat it yourself or feed it to your eudemon whenever you want.

Where can I buy the ExpBalls?
1) Unfilled ExpBalls: City Groceries
2) Filled ExpBall: Shopping Mall (Market 285,473)


How can I store my exp in my ExpBalls?
Once you reach level 50, you can equip it and go to kill the monsters. If you are in a team, your gained exp will NOT be stored in your ExpBalls.

Where can I check the exp stored in my ExpBalls?
You can check your stored exp on the right side of your avatar.

Will my eudemons still receive the Exp from killing the monsters?
Yeah, your ExpBalls only store your character's Exp.

Will my exp be stored in my ExpBalls at the Training ground?

How can I extract the exp from my ExpBalls?
Once an ExpBall is filled with Exp, you can right click that ExpBall to extract the exp to your character or eudemons.

How many ExpBalls can be extracted in a day?
10 for a character and 5 for a Eudemon.

How much exp can be extracted from the ExpBalls?
100% exp for 1-5 ExpBalls and 50% exp for 6-10 ExpBalls

Will my ExpBalls drop from my inventory or equipment?
Yes. It may drop to the ground if you die.

Can I trade my ExpBalls with the fellow players?