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Forging System

General Introduction Gem Embedding Gem Removing Gem Combination
High Bonus Forging Special Repair The Treasures in the Mine Divine Equipment Forging
High Bonus Forging

Challenge the upper limit of super equipment!

When you have got equipment with +7 or +8 bonus, you may become so hesitating to continue the upgrading. Since if it fails, the bonus of the equipment will be decreased.

The Super Yellow Stone can make you feel at ease to do this. It is 100% successful in magic soul upgrading. Is the bonus +9 the upper limit for equipment?

The High Bonus Forging can break the limitation and make your equipment absolutely superior with bonus +12.

Super Yellow Stone

You can exchange the Super Yellow Stone from Joans. (Market 284,478 ) The Super Yellow Stone can add bonus to the equipment with +7 or +8 bonus. It is 100% successful. Renee will do this for you. (Market 321,509)

High Bonus Forging

High Bonus Forging is for equipment with +9 bonus above level 85. The High Bonus Forger Perez (Market 321,501) can upgrade your equipment from +9 to +12 with Yellow Stones step by step.

The High Bonus Forging may also fail and the bonus may be decreased. But it will not be decreased below 9 even if the forging fails many times.