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Astral Eudemons

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Astral Mount - Wintry Taurus
It's said that it lives in a chill deep pool and it seems that it is able to freeze the souls of other animals. It will bring a blizzard to anywhere it passes by.

Astral Mount - Testy Taurus
It's irritable and any vivid color is a kind of provocation, which will make it aggressive and attack the target mercilessly.

Astral Mount - Twilight Aries
Sharp eyes and tough hooves are its symbols. It's famous for its amazing speed when running on the desert and chasing the storms of Cronus. It will be the favorite of adventurers looking for speed.

Astral Mount - Glacial Aries
It's said that it is descended from the snow elves of the North Pole. It can give you a fabulous experience on the valley glaciers. Moreover, don't you think it's quite a looker?

Astral Eudemon - Pisces Kami
Kami is the heir of the Poseidon and was born with the mysterious power of the oceans. His trident rules the waves.

Astral Eudemon - Pisces Kati
She is dainty and beautiful, but she isn't arrogant or imperious. What's more, she is able to cast a powerful magic storm.

Astral Mount - Pisces Rainbow
It is intelligent and tender. Its colorful wings promise excellent speed, which makes it a sought after partner of many adventurers.

Astral Mount - Pisces Phantom
It can take you go through the ice fields and lava, or any other unforgiving environment. It looks like a beam of light when it flies.

Astral Eudemon - Aquarius Naya
Just like its guardian angel- Athena, Naya has an imperturbable mind and sturdy spirit, which makes her a marvelous warrior!

Astral Eudemon - Aquarius Laki
Laki always seeks freedom and justice, holding those ideals above all else. It's said that she possess precious holy water which empowers her magic and soothes the soul.

Astral Mount - Aquarius Galaxy
It looks tender and cute, but it's said that it's been trained by the Knights of the Round Table to unlock an amazing hidden power!
Astral Mount - Aquarius Coral
It looks tender and cute, but it's said that it's been trained by the Knights of the Round Table to unlock an amazing hidden power!

Astral Eudemon - Capricorn Dina
It looks tender and cute, but it's said that it's been trained by the Knights of the Round Table to unlock an amazing hidden power!

Astral Eudemon - Capricorn Donna
Don't look down upon Donna! The last thing you'll see is her blinding magic attacks! Her dainty appearance belies fearsome power!

Astral Eudemon - Capricorn Phoenix
Its blazing plume and roseate armor bring its terrible beauty, while its superior speed makes it the perfect astral mount!

Astral Eudemon - Capricorn Emerald
With its emerald mane, holy armor and solemn expression, its small wonder why masters of this mount are feared and respected warriors!

Astral Eudemon - Sagittarius Behemoth(Mage)
"Proud" is the most appropriate word used to describe Behemoth. Trust in him, and he will carry you to a glorious victory!

Astral Eudemon- Sagittarius Brute(Warrior)
Taking the form of a mighty centaur, his strong muscles and sharp arrows guarantee even the mightiest enemies fall to their knees!

Astral Mount- Sagittarius Thunder(Mage)
Cool and calm in difficult situations, it earns its name by moving just like a violet thunderbolt, shocking all those to their very core!

Astral Mount- Sagittarius Blizzard(Warrior)
It's brilliant form hides the toned muscles and iron hooves! Seen as a meteor flashing by for those lucky (or unlucky) enough to catch a glimpse!

Astral Eudemon - Scorpio Garth(Mage)
It is the most mystical Scorpio eudemon. It's said that its birth brought unprecedented shock to the world, so numerous people still worship it to this day!

Astral Eudemon - Scorpio Millo(Warrior)
It may look bad-tempered, but it is good-natured and friendly at heart. However, if you launch an attack on it, it will fight back ruthlessly.

Astral Mount - Scorpio Sapphire(Mage)
Astral Mount. It comes from a remote nebula with the name "Fatal Star", and is renowned for its excellent agility and speed. It's the perfect mount for adventurers who don't want to waste any time.

Astral Mount - Scorpio Dawn(Warrior)
Astral Mount. It comes from a remote nebula and it has amazing speed and attack. You can ride on it to go through the lava or desert.

Astral Eudemon - Libra Dillon (Warrior)
Its power has been greatly promoted after rebirth. It can devastate anything in the world with its huge sword, and it can judge good and evil with its scales of justice.

Astral Eudemon - Libra Deane (Mage)
As a mage eudemon, it holds sway over the forces of nature. This eudemon's fantastical appearance often distracts opponents from recognizing its true power.

Astral Mount - Libra Flame (Warrior)
Astral Mount. With its shining plumes and noble armor, it looks like a fireball streaking across the skies. It should be the perfect mount for anyone looking to turn some heads.

Astral Eudemon - Libra Snow (Mage)
Astral Mount. This eudemon has a gentle appearance, ivory white plumes and purple armor. Perfect for nice romantic romps across Cronus.

Astral Eudemon - Virgo Lena
This eudemon not only sports beautiful white plumes and a graceful crown, but also has terrific power. Its superb defense is nearly invulnerable.

Astral Eudemon - Virgo Sachi
As a wonderful mage, it is able to use its magic to the greatest extent with its imperturbable mind. It becomes even much more powerful after rebirth.

Astral Eudemon - Virgo Frost
It has azure plumes and delicate armor, which perfectly show its purity and grace. It is said to be like looking upon a dancing star when this eudemon moves through the clouds.

Astral Eudemon - Virgo Plume
Its plumes and armor look brilliant under the sun. It has fabulous speed and handsome appearance as well.

Astral Eudemon - Leo Berserker(Warrior)
"You don't need magic if you are strong enough!" This Eudemon is so powerful that nothing can stand in the face of his unending onslaught!

Astral Eudemon - Leo Mage(Mage)
It may look rough around the edges, but don't be fooled into thinking this Eudemon is all brawn and no brain. To the contrary, it is adept at spell casting. Anyone who judges it by his appearance will learn a dire lesson indeed.

Astral Mount - Leo Flame
Once the mount of the gods, it excels in speed. This Eudemon moves like wildfire and has a temper to match.

Astral Mount - Leo Ice
In the time before man, this Eudemon served the lord of the oceans as his personal steed. Its speed is such it seems to cut through air itself.

Astral Eudemons - Cancer Queen
An excellent warrior in the battle, she strikes fear into the hearts of her enemies. In her mind, eradicating all who stand against her is the best way to show respect towards her enemies.

Astral Eudemons - Cancer Princess
No one knows where she came from. It is said that she has sealed within herself the power to destroy the very world we stand on.

Astral Mount - Golden Cancer
Once the mount of ancient demons, this Eudemon possess extraordinary speed. Be prepared to eat some fiery dust if you plan on taking on this eudemon.

Astral Mount - Pale Cancer
Once the servant of the ancient demons, this Eudemon is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Anything that approaches with hostile intent will be frozen by its icy breath.

Astral Mount - Gemini Light
When light beckons, this Eudemon arrives. All living things in Cronus have noticed its gorgeous arrival, which even makes the evil shadow tremble. Award yourself with a rapid speed comparable with thunder; it should be an excellent evil hunter.

Astral Mount - Gemini Dark
Darkness guides this Eudemon, offers it with incomparable power to making it near immortal! No one in the world knows where it comes from and where it will go, because anyone who has actually seen one was annihilated by its cruel vicious claws.

Astral Eudemons - Gemini Genesis
In the beginning, it was created before all living things by god. So, this Eudemon was sealed with great strength when created. As an excellent warrior, it can slay even the toughest demon easily.

Astral Eudemons - Gemini Doom
At the time when all the gods became but a mere dwindling legend, this eudemon was born. So, it is clearly that from then on, it has a magnificent magic power to overwhelm the world. So, if you want to be its owner, you should have quite a strong will, or you will be mastered by this dangerous creature.

Astral Eudemons - Taurus Mars (Warrior)
Once, it was the strongest deity in Hirus Mountain, called Mars, the deity of warfare. Although he was cursed into the form of a Eudemon, you shouldn't look down upon him. Born without equal, this Eudemon has become a nightmare of all monsters.

Astral Eudemons - Taurus Furies (Mage)
Once, it was the first deity killed by the Demon Lord. It was said that a god was immortal. Though, he died instantly, in front of this wicked black magic. So this deity transformed all his sadness, confusion, and fury into a Eudemon. Naturally, this Eudemon is quite good at magic casting.

Astral Eudemons - Aries Muba (Warrior)

It has a smart appearance and the mystic character of Aries. Through lots of trials, it obtains terrific power. And it is rather hard to defeat it.

Astral Eudemons - Aries Cardy (Mage)

It looks cool, noble and mystic. Its main attribute is amazing magic. Numerous enemies are surrendered to its superior power.

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