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Eudemon Profile - Legion Eudemons

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Legion Eudemon — Light Guardian

With a strong sense of justice, he spares no effort to protect the light. Capable of various fighting skills, he fears nothing but retreat.

Legion Eudemon — Fairy Olivia

Born in the peaceful forest, she was always gentle and merciful. With the outbreak of war, she became the most vibrant force on the battlefield.

Legion Eudemon — Tidal Guardian

Underneath its twisted appearance, there lies a generous mind. Owning the powerful tides, the Tidal Guardian can easily control any battle situation.

Legion Eudemon — Flame Guardian

Born in the lava of a massive volcano, the Flame Guardian is capable of pure devastation. Seems the Flame Warrior wants to bring doomsday to its enemies.

Legion Eudemon — Earth Guardian

The Earth Guardian is a name of loyalty. Awakened by the howls of war, it goes forward to bring order to the land.

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