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Flying Mounts

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Flying Mount – Dragon Ozachy(2012)
Dragon Ozachy from an unreachable world and formed by some mysterious blue crystals. Cold and dangerous, it's surrounded by fancy rays.

Flying Mount - Immortal Phoenix(June 1st - June 12th, 2011)
This mysterious and rare flying mount is said to live for several hundred years before burning itself out and then rising from its own ashes.

Flying Mount - Ember Wyvern
It is the oldest mount in Cronus. With years of experience, its excellent agility and flying skills have made it a threat on the battlefield! It always attacks enemies in silence!

Flying Mount - Jade Wyvern
Enemies will flee in terror when it appears! It has powerful wings and sharp talons as its weapons. The wind is your ally, as you fly at amazing speeds when riding it!

Flying Mount - Blazing Wing
Scarlet body, tough wings, and sharp claws make the Blazing Wing a valiant and vigorous animal who will tear everything that stands in its way. They have existed since ancient times. They truly embody their name, "Sun Chariot".

Flying Mount - Glacial Wing
Glacial Wing is the legendary ancient beast with hard eyes, cool head and a pair of blade wings. Even the air coagulates to icy crystal as it cross the sky, leaving the shadow of his blue body reflects at the end of the horizon.

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