Eudemons Online is a free fantasy MMORPG. In this mythical world, you can choose to be a warrior, a mage or a paladin. Command your hero and his/her Eudemons throughout a vast array of sweeping supernatural lands.

Numerous Eudemons, unique forging and castle systems, a unique mentor, family, and legion programs, and a myraid of other interesting features guarantees highly interactive arresting gameplay!


You can raise Eudemons and teach them to protect you and help combat your enemies. With more than 40 different kinds of Eudemons to choose from players can fight alongside, summon, converge with, and mount these awe inspiring creatures. Details

Players can select from 3 types of 50 different kinds of gems. Each producing it's own individual effect. These gems can add to your weapon's attack as well as strengthen your armor's defense, and can even level up your Exp.Details

Battle Power
You can quickly assess your enemies strength by checking their BP. BP is calculated on the basis of your character's attributes, equipment, Eudemons and legion/family power. It reflects your overall strength. If your BP is higher than that of your enemy, you will kill him/her. Details

Mentor System:
This system ensures that new players become familiar with the game by employing the help of a mentor. Both mentors and apprentices can benefit from this system. The apprentices will level up quickly and his/her mentor will gain Exp. while teaching the apprentice(s). A mentor can also gain mentor level(s) after he/she gains enough mentor Exp. Details

XP Skills
The XP bar increases at a preselected set rate, you can activate these skills when the XP bar is full. XP skills are different and often stronger than other skills. Details

Legion & Family
Legions and families have the power to appoint and depose, other players, Eudemons, rankings, totems, and bonus BP. They can also engage in inter family/legion wars.

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