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Information - Romance in battlefield

The Goddess of love descended again and she would love to bring this romance to the brave warriors and normal people.

In the land of Yart, Love and battle is just like beauty and hero, everyday there will be a romantic story happening in this land. Sending flower system is designed for the players who want to send flowers to their lovers in Eudemons Online. Every male player will receive a flower when he logs into the game, so he could send this flower. Only female character can receive the flower. If you love her and you dare not express this to her clearly, it will be a great help to send flowers to the girl you like in Eudemons Online.

Now this function is open for test. The girl who receives the most flowers must be the most charming girl in the land of Yart! In not long future, she may have special fascination or she will be rewarded by the Goddess of Love. Sending flower function will be released step by step. More functions will be open soon. Let's see how romantic it will be!