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Godship Switch

Duration Anytime
Reward Change a divine player's godship.
Requirement For divine players who have already chosen a godship. Needs 1 God Tear.
Limitation Once godship has been changed, players need to wait 7 days to switch again.
Location Elysium
Key Items Holy Scroll, God Tear
Key NPC Balvig (Elysium 565,304)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Find Balvig in Elysium to take the quest and claim a Holy Scroll.
2. Follow the guidance of the Holy Scroll and take the 12 chief gods' tests in front of their statues.
3. Pass all the tests and return to Balvig. Give him a God Tear to select your new godship.

Detailed Walkthrough
Do you admire the powers of the other godships? Do you want to experience a new way of life on your divine path? Now there is a way! Find Balvig now.

Balvig will give you a Holy Scroll. With this scroll, pass the tests of the chief gods in front of their 12 statues and then you are qualified to change your godship.

Open the scroll. It will point out the way to the 12 statues.

God's Tests:

1. Dionysus Statue ------ Answer the question correctly

2. Aphrodite Statue ----- Pray devoutly for 5 seconds

3. Ares Statue ---- Defeat Ares' avatar

4. Apollo Statue ---- Broiled in the sun

5. Hephaestus Statue: Endure the heat of fire to pass the test of Hephaestus.

6. Hermes Statue ----- Wait 5 seconds and be sent to the starting point.

7. Athena Statue ------ Answer the question correctly

8. Hera Statue -------- Eat the Hera Cate to be recognized by Hera.

9. Hades Statue ------ Defeat the Hades Hound

10. Demeter Statue ---- Eat Demeter's Fruit

11. Poseidon Statue---- Be washed by the tide and waves.

12. Artemis Statue ---- Put down your weapon and pray for 5 seconds.

After passing the tests given by 12 chief gods, go back to Balvig and pay him a God Tear, he will change your godship for you.
Note: After changing your godship, though your divine level will not change, you will lose the divine skills of your former godship. Look before you leap.