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Double Exp Time - Battle Skill

Explosive Power Battle Skill Good Appetite

Duration Anytime
Reward Overmatch No. 1
A health product. Drink it to get 1 hour's double experience time and 4 hours' God's Blessing
Requirement Level 50+
Limitation Once a day
Location Drill Ground
Key NPC Sodar (Cronus 249,488)
Morgan (Drill Ground 83,96)
Papa Frando (Drill Ground 33,59)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Find Missionary Sodar to enter the Drill Ground.
2. Ask Morgan about the rules of the Battle Skill Test, and then you will be led to Papa Frando.
3. Drive 5 wild turkeys into Papa Frando's trap.
4. Claim Overmatch No. 1 and use it to get 1 hour double experience time and 4-hour God's Blessing .

Detailed Walkthrough
Want to gain double experience and level up quickly? Pass the tests of Good Appetite, Battle Skill and Explosive Power in the Drill Ground; you can do it! Talk with Sodar in the market, select "I want more double experience time" to enter the Drill Ground.

Morgan will lead you to find Papa Frando.

Frando asks you to drive 5 Wild Turkeys into his trap. Don't look down on this test. 20 years ago, Papa Frando wiped out a strong demon force with his experienced battle skills and wisdom. You might be able to learn some battle skills from the test. 

Remarkably, as long as 5 turkeys are captured in the trap, the first one to claim the reward will get the Overmatch No. 1 from Frando, no matter if he is the one who drove the turkeys in there or not. Frando is really old...

As the name implies, Overmatch No. 1 is a medicated health-care product. Drink it and you will get 1 hour double experience time and 4-hour God's Blessing


  1. After drinking the Overmatch No. 1, a visual effect will appear around you.
  2. The double exp effect can't be shared among a team.
  3. The double exp effect will be cancelled if you stepped into some traps.