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Double Exp Time - Explosive Power

Explosive Power Battle Skill Good Appetite

Duration Anytime
Reward Power Bolus
Eat the bolus to get 1 hour's double experience time and 4-hour God's Blessing.
Boxer Golden Girdle
Boxer's golden girdle. Symbol of the real warrior.
Requirement Level 50+
Limitation Once a day
Location Drill Ground
Key NPC Sodar (Cronus 249,488)
Morgan (Drill Ground 83,96)
Terry (Drill Ground 95,73)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Find Missionary Sodar to enter the Drill Ground.
2. Ask Morgan about the rules of the Explosive Power Test, and then you will be led to Terry.
3. Hit the wood pile a certain times within the time limit.
4. Terry will give you a Power Bolus after you pass the test.

Detailed Walkthrough
Want to gain double experience and level up quickly? Pass the tests of Good Appetite, Battle Skill and Explosive Power in Drill Ground; you can do it! Talk with Sodar in the market, select “I want more double experience time” to enter the Drill Ground.

Morgan will lead you to find Terry for the Explosive Power test.

Terry, the boxer king, will tell you how to punch your enemy with full explosive power. Click on the wood pile continuously and you will pass his test when the clicks reach a certain amount.

There are 3 options: Hit the wood pile 4 times in 5 seconds; Hit the wood pile 7 times in 10 seconds and hit it 25 times in 30 seconds. Finish either of them for the rewards. 

Though the wood pile will change position after each hit, it can't hit back. You get the Power Bolus easily.

Use the Bolus to gain 1 hour double exp time and 4-hour God's Blessing. If you are the one who spent the shortest time to finish the 30 seconds' test, you will be rewarded a Boxer Golden Girdle.

  1. After using the Bolus, a visual effect will appear around you.
  2. The double exp effect can't be shared among a team.
  3. The double exp effect will be cancelled if you stepped into some traps.