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Phased Essence Quest - Warmonger Chest

Warmonger Chest Tellus Orb Astral Soul

Duration Anytime
Rewards Eudemon Clover or Experience Ball
Requirements None
Limitation Twice a day
Location Cronus
Key Items Essence Gift Pack
Right click to open it and get a brochure and 3 Phased Essences.
Essence Brochure
Right click to read about the latest promotions in Cronus.
Warmonger Chest
Star: 1.
Phase: 4/4.
Status: Fully Grown.
Right click to claim the prize inside. You can open up to 2 chests, per day.
Key NPC Traveling Merchant Constance ( Cronus 298,420)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Open the Essence Gift Pack and read the brochure. It will lead you to Constance, who will tell you more details.
2. Unseal the Warmonger Chest and start the quest: kill all 30 required monsters to upgrade it to Phase 1.
3. Stay online for a certain amount of time and sacrifice your blood to the chest, to upgrade its phase.
4. When the chest reaches the highest phase, right click it to open the chest and get your reward!

Detailed Walkthrough
The Traveling Merchant Constance ( Cronus 298,420) has brought her mystic collection - Phased Essence - to Cronus. To introduce herself to the people of Cronus, she is offering everyone a special gift pack! How thoughtful!

Open the gift pack, and you will find 3 kinds of Phased Essence and 1 Essence Brochure. Read the brochure, and it will lead you to find Constance, where you can find out more details about them.

Buy a Warmonger Chest and unseal it. You are told to kill 30 Golems in Gobi Desert, to upgrade it to Phase 1.

After killing the monsters, right click on the chest to activate it and wait for some time until it becomes a fully-grown Phase 1 Essence.

To upgrade the chest, you need to sacrifice your blood 5 times over a certain period of time. Each time will cost you 100 HP. If you sacrifice your blood at the wrong time, you will waste your blood. So pay close attention!

Repeat the upgrade procedure. It's not difficult to get the chest to reach its highest phase. 

It's time to claim the rewards now. Right click on the chest, and you will get a Eudemon Clover or an Experience Ball as a reward!