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Phased Essence Quest - Tellus Orb

Warmonger Chest Tellus Orb Astral Soul

Duration Anytime
Rewards Reborn Crystal: Add 10 reborn times to Eudemons.
Requirements None
Limitation Twice a day
Location Cronus
Key Items Essence Gift Pack
Right click to open it and get a brochure and 3 Phased Essence.
Essence Brochure
Right click to read about the latest promotions in Cronus.
Tellus Orb
Star: 2.
Phase: 6/6.
Status: Fully Grown.
Right click to claim the prize inside. 2 orbs a day at most.
Key NPC Traveling Merchant Constance ( Cronus 298,420)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Go find Constance to learn the Phased Essence quest and buy the quest items there.
2. Unseal the orb and go to the designated place to collect the Earth Essence, and upgrade it to the next phase.
3. Stay online for a certain time to wait for the orb fully grown.
4. After the orb reaches the final phase, right click on it to get the prize.

Detailed Walkthrough
Buy a sealed Tellus Orb from the Traveling Merchant Constance and unseal it.

To upgrade the orb, you need to collect the Earth Essence at the designated place. Follow the orb's instructions, to find the Earth Essence.

Now that you've made it to the correct place. Right click on the orb to upgrade it to Phase 1, then wait for it to become fully grown.

To upgrade it to the next phase, continue collecting the Earth Essences at the designated locations and give it enough time to grow.

Finally, the orb has collected enough essence and reached the final phase! You can open it for your prize now!