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Information - Mine

The Treasures in the Mine

Everyone is curious about the precious ores under earth. The mine is such a place for people with hope.

If you also want to taste the happiness of being awarded after working hard, take your tool and enter the mine.(Thunderland 429,236)

Hoe and Pickaxe can be used for digging in the mine, both of them can be bought at the grocery. But notice that you have to achieve level 10 to do this.

After entering the mine, you need to find a place of treasure first. Search with your mouse and you can begin working after you see the icon for digging.

Then the character can dig and collect the ores into your inventory automatically.

You can find all kinds of ores in the mine, ranked with quality. They are needed for special repair of weapons. Of course you can sell them to the stores and make money.

The rewards after sweating always make you happy.

Gold Ore
Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Silver Ore