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7-Day Shop

Tired of hunting enemies, have no interest in PK, and sick of all the old fashioned coats, but not lucky enough to own the fantastic coats wore by others?

Hey, kid. Don't be so upset.Open the Shopping Mall, and click on the 'Timed'. You will find that all the items here are quite cheap. Though the garments and hairstyles will only exist for 7 days after you have activated them, as they will lose their magic. But who cares, after 7 days, everything new becomes old fashioned anyway.

New Arrival --- Hairstyles

Do you want to change your hairstyle and become a trend-setter? Well now you can go see Dresden in Cronus (287,469) to check out the latest Seasonal Hairstyle for the fashion elite! There are six new hairstyles available for you: Clover Crown, Jasmine Crown, Red Rose Crown, White Rose Crown, Lavender Crown, and Lily Crown!

Be the first to impress the world with a chic style this season!

Clover Crown

Jasmine Crown

Red Rose Crown

White Rose Crown

Lavender Crown

Lily Crown