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Phased Essence Quest - Glamor Sapphire

Warmonger Chest Tellus Orb Glamor Sapphire

Duration Anytime
Rewards Lottery Ticket: Right click to enter the Lottery Map and receive a Lottery chance for free.
Requirements Level 50+
Limitation Twice a day
Location Cronus
Key Items Essence Gift Pack
Right click to open it and get a brochure and 3 Phased Essence.
Essence Brochure
Right click to read about the latest promotions in Cronus.
Glamor Sapphire
Star: 3.
Phase: 6/6.
Status: Fully Grown.
Right click to claim the prize inside. 2 Sapphires a day, at most.
Key NPC Travelling Merchant Constance ( Cronus 298,420)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Open the Essence Gift Pack and read the brochure. It will lead you to Constance for more details.
2. Unseal the Glamor Sapphire and combine it with a Eudemon Crystal to upgrade it to Phase 1.
3. Wait for some minutes till it's fully grown. Then you can use a designated Eudemon Skill book to upgrade it to the next phase.
4. When the sapphire reaches the highest phase, right click on it to get the rewards.

Detailed Walkthrough
The Traveling Merchant Constance ( Cronus 298,420) has brought her mystic collection - Phased Essence - to Cronus. What's a Phased Essence? It's a sentient being that can upgrade with you, and give you precious items after they are fully upgraded. Interested in it? Then go find Constance and buy one!

Unseal it, and then right click on it to upgrade it to Phase 1, when you get a Eudemon Crystal in your inventory. It's easy to get a Eudemon Crystal. Just buy it from the Shopping Mall or the Grocery, or exchange it with equipment at Vivian (Market 323,444).

Give the sapphire enough time to grow fully, and then right click on it to see what kind of Eudemon Skill book it needs. You can buy the Eudemon Skill Books at the Grocery.

So it goes, until the sapphire has reached its final phase. Right click on it, and you will get a Lottery Ticket, which is good for a free lottery chance!