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Quest Log - Figure Out the Quests Easily

It's not hard to finish this quest. However, do you usually spend most of your time trying to find the quest NPC or feel frustrated when you forget what the next step is? Well, all your troubles should be solved now. The quest log will help you complete the quests easily.

1. Open the Quest Log

There are 3 kinds of quests on the interface of the Quest Log: Available, Finished, and Current. Click on the quest name, you can see the quest brief, introduction and the rewards on the right.

Available: The quests that are available for you to take.
Current: The quests you have taken and haven't finished.
Finished: The quests you have finished.

2. Click on the button at the bottom of the interface, you will start auto path-finding and find the quest NPC or destination. You should be on the same map as the quest NPC or the target monsters.

3. After finding the quest NPC or reaching the destination, just follow the instructions to complete the quest.

4. If there are many steps for your current quest, the button in the top, right corner or the green words in the introduction will show you the next step. Click on one of them to start the auto path-finding and continue the quest.

5. When you have finished the quest and claimed the rewards, the quest will move to the 'Finished' section from 'Current'. You can then proceed to take other quests in the 'Available' section.

In addition to the Quest Log interface, you can also find the quest NPC by 2 marks: the exclamation mark and the question mark.
!: You may take new quests from this NPC.
?: You are doing the quest taken from this NPC now.