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Storyline of Eudemons - Fallen Deities

Prologue: Mythology 1. Genesis 2. The Demon 3. Darkness
4. Alliance 5. Survivor 6. Holy Land 7. Ambition
8. Aurora 9. Darkness Falls 10. Glimmer of Dawn 11. Dark Star
12. New Divide      

Chapter 8: Aurora

Without the great leader, the demon army could not stand against Agress the great. The Demon Empire collapsed in the end!

Although not undead anymore, the demons couldn't be eliminated totally. They spread into every corner of the world and made an evil plan to intrude the world again.

But after all, the war had ended. Well, as long as everything was being put into place. Agress the Great, the man was the last survivor of the ancient times. He was left to fulfill his destiny. The ancient order had been no more. Deities had become legends and then faded from memory. There was only Agress the Great and, people had to admit, they all believed in him as a savior.

It is said that all the Eudemons were formed in the great Shattering. They are probably the spirit of the deities, and the fragment of the Crystal formed the Eudemon Crystal. This time, they will help the humans with heart and soul in order to restore their godlike ability, but this time, they could be hurt as well as, KILLED!

There are no gods anymore but the endless story between humans, deities and demons goes on...