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Storyline of Eudemons - Fallen Deities

Prologue: Mythology 1. Genesis 2. The Demon 3. Darkness
4. Alliance 5. Survivor 6. Holy Land 7. Ambition
8. Aurora 9. Darkness Falls 10. Glimmer of Dawn 11. Dark Star
12. New Divide      

Chapter 4: Alliance

"For the peace of Cronus, for the freedom of the living things, attack thee!"

The first campaign broke out between the Demons and the ruled humans. Demons paid nothing to the slaves as they formed an alliance, so they paid warriors' lives instead. The alliance soldiers had obviously been blessed by the arcane NOTE and became outstanding in fighting.

What the demons should regret was not only their loss in this particular battle but their long centuries of lax life debilitating their battle power. It did not take a very long time for the alliance to reoccupy most lost land.

"The demons are gone. We are the rulers of the world! Let's get all we've lost back!" The resulting sudden freedom caused factions to form believing in various different ideals of what the next step the human race should take. The fighting broke out quickly and spread across the lands again.

"They must be mind controlled by the Demons! I should turn to Hirus for the antidote!" Agress said. But was there time for him to do this?

The winners fought against each other and completely destroyed many cities built by their own hands, they killed the ones they had loved the most for some weird reasons, they even dragged other races into their battle. Finally, some chief turned back to the demons for help!

"At last, we shall have our revenge! Humans are stupid; even they have owned an awesome power by luck!" The demons struck back with a vengeance and quickly came to rule the continent again. The whole alliance was completely in tatters. The chief who asked for help had his head cut off and hung up at the top of the capital for 7 days.

This became known as Dusk Dirge in history.