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Storyline of Eudemons - Fallen Deities

Prologue: Mythology 1. Genesis 2. The Demon 3. Darkness
4. Alliance 5. Survivor 6. Holy Land 7. Ambition
8. Aurora 9. Darkness Falls 10. Glimmer of Dawn 11. Dark Star
12. New Divide      

Chapter 6: Holy Land

To Agress's disappointment, not even a deity would like to meet him seriously.

"Don't you understand? We are gods, you are a humble human. We were born without equal, you have no chance to talk with a god." "The Note? It is called Saint Note in our realm, a quite funny thing, isn't it? You can cast spells to kill the demon, that means my experiment has won in the end! We have viewed your excellent performance from the heavens. That is great, you served us well! Go on pleasing me, maybe I will consider to write a better note for you!"

"Thank you for your splendid deeds and wonderful speech. To tell you the truth, you've made my eyes filled with tears! I haven't cried for a long time. A very good story actually, now I can write a much more endearing tale due to your endeavors!"

"I don't think we have any relationship with you, pay close attention, you're a mere human! To help a human I would lose face."

"You are truly a good guy, you've tried very hard to accomplish your mission. But I can't help you this time as you've made some mistakes when casting the spell in the note, and caused trouble to our Hyper Race."

That was the dialogue. Suddenly, Agress noticed that the alliance was not mind-controlled by the demons Instead, they received their own free will, the wicked minds became deeply buried in their souls and hearts. At this point, there was no major differences among the demons, deities and humans.