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Storyline of Eudemons - Fallen Deities

Prologue: Mythology 1. Genesis 2. The Demon 3. Darkness
4. Alliance 5. Survivor 6. Holy Land 7. Ambition
8. Aurora 9. Darkness Falls 10. Glimmer of Dawn 11. Dark Star
12. New Divide      

Chapter 2: The Demon

We have no idea how our races formed except the demons! They were born from evil.
--------Lord Agress

How time flies, the living things have set up their civilization in the world created by Cronus. A Long period of evolution makes them qualified enough to live in this land. But the deities in the Hirus have felt depressed. Awarded with endless power, born with countless wisdom and strength, situated on the top of all living things, they are not allowed to cast their abilities but have been made silent by the power of Cronus and the Crystal.

At last, several of them rebelled. They turned against the peaceful deities and Cronus in the name of chaos. A fierce fight broke out between the deities. At last, Orichi was defeated. Although he was a loser, a god can't be killed in that way, so he and his followers swiftly intruded into the world of humans and other races. This was the dawning of a new era, the era of Demon.

Owing a power no less than deities and a life much longer than human, the Demons obviously considered themselves as the masters of the land. So they desired the whole world, and launched a campaign against the human beings.

"The ancient evil survives, die, mortals! The world needs a more powerful leader."

That was the slogan of the demon army.

And this war is titled TERMINATION in history.