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Storyline of Eudemons - Fallen Deities

Prologue: Mythology 1. Genesis 2. The Demon 3. Darkness
4. Alliance 5. Survivor 6. Holy Land 7. Ambition
8. Aurora 9. Darkness Falls 10. Glimmer of Dawn 11. Dark Star
12. New Divide      

Chapter 12: New Divide
The wind howled across the plains of Cronus like a banshee of legend.

This night, royal Astrologers across Cronus registered the same celestial phenomena.
When the night was still young, a red moon appeared indistinctly behind a bright full moon. As time went by, two moons travelled through the sky together, one overlaying the other for a while and then shifting positions. It was as if they were in a tug of war for prominence.
What could it mean?

They contemplated and consulted numerous ancient volumes in hopes of finding the reason for this new occupant of the skies. They found it.

Recorded in a nameless book of Hirus history, two moons appeared on the night before the Dusk Dirge. It manifested the waning of light and the rise of demonic forces. The next morning, the sun rose over a broken kingdom.

The very earth shook with the roars of the Demons forces just over the horizon.