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Weapon Soul

Shadow Knight: Armor | Bracelet | Helmet | Spear | Boots | Necklace
Necromancer: Robe | Bracelet | Helmet | Staff | Boots | Necklace
Vampire: Robe | Bracelet | Hat | Talons | Boots | Necklace
Warrior: Armor | Bracelet | Helmet | Weapon | Boots | Necklace
Mage: Robe | Bracelet | Hat | Wand | Boots | Necklace
Paladin: Armor | Armlet | Tiara | Weapon | Boots | Pendant
Others: Talisman | Casual Dress | Gems | Books/Scrolls | HP Potions | MP Potions | Experience Ball | Double Exp Potions | Eudemon Crystal | Shopping Mall | Weapon Soul

The Weapon Soul is coming! With its cool visual effect, you will definitely become the focus!

You can enter the Shopping Mall and buy a Weapon Soul Pack of your class. Right click to open the pack and the Weapon Soul interface will pop up.

Here you can preview the effects after equipping.

You can just right click to equip and click on the "Restore" button to un-equip.

The Weapon Soul and your equipped weapon should be of the same type. However, there is no restriction on weapon level and it won't change the weapon's attributes.

The effect of Weapon Soul sold in the Shopping Mall is permanent. You only need to purchase 1 Weapon Soul for all your weapons of the same type.

Warrior's Sword.

Warrior's Blade

Vampire's Talons

Mage's Staff

Paladin's Wand