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The Anniversary Auction is coming soon!

2024-05-17 00:00:00

Grand 18th anniversary will be celebrated in Cronus City. There is an Anniversary Auction. Out-of-print garments, weapon souls, and rare Divine Fire await you!

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Anniversary Auction


Phase I:2024.6.3 0:00 - 2024.6.10 23:59 [UTC-8]

Phase II:2024.6.11 0:00 - 2024.6.18 23:59 [UTC-8]

Phase III:2024.6.19 0:00- 2024.6.26 23:59 [UTC-8]


► The auction is divided into three phases, with limited garments, Weapon Souls, and rare Divine Fire items waiting for you!

► The theme of the phase I is powerful eudemons, including not only the Five Tiger Generals, but also the newest eudemosn Seraphina! Want a loyal battle partner? Follow us!

► The phase II is return of garments and weapon souls. If you love fashion, you won't miss it!

► Player who want to increase strength, please pay attention! In the third phase, items related to Divine Fire and Eudemons will be auctioned.

Phase I:

Item Starting Price
Tiger Token 5999
Mighty Lord Pack 3999
Chronicle Keeper Bag 2999
Dragon Prophet Pack 3999
Eostre Pack 2099
Seraphina Pack 2999
Ragnar Pack 1999
Mocci Pack 1999
Spirit Dodo Pack 1999
Glory Lulu Pack 1999
Emerald Phin Pack 1999
Glass Laura Pack 1999
Sage Monkey Pack 1999
Laird Pack 999
Aidos Pack 999
Dragon Ozachy Pack 999
Rainbow Pegasus Pack 999
Sage Kylin Pack 299
Florid Kylin Pack 299

Phase II:

Item Starting Price
Stunning Shadow(M) 2888
Stunning Shadow(F) 2888
Mermaid Song(M) 2888
Mermaid Song(F) 2888
Embrace of Love (M) 3888
Embrace of Love (F) 3888
Starlight Singer 1888
Pure Idol 1888
Floating Cloud Carp (M) 3888
Floating Light Carp (F) 3888
Lord of Night (M) 8888
Countess Uniform (F) 8888
Eternal Wing Chest 13888
Glory Angel Soul Box 8888
Solar Dragon Box 8888
Aura Soul Box 16888
Blossom Soul Chest 5888
Firedrake Breath Box 3888

Phase III:

Item Starting Price
3-star Candle Sun Chest 15888
3-star Candle Moon Chest 10888
3-star Candle Star Chest 8888
L2 Rare Panacea Box 1688
31.5-Star XO Bag 988
Big 30* Divine Eudemon Pack 288

Please refer to the game for specific event rules and rewards.