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[Origin of Dragon Continent]
  • The earliest ancestor of dragons got a rolling heart, which was a fragment of the universe heart, by accident. With its power, the ancestor created the Dragon Continent.
  • At the same time, an evil power stole on the Dragon Continent and created a powerful Swallowing Serpent with hatred and pain, encroaching the world slowly. The continent was in danger of the battle between dragons and serpents.
  • It has been hundreds of years since the last battle between dragons and serpents. The dragon god eliminated the serpent god finally. And the serpent tribe merged into the dragon tribe afterwards. The new and strong dragon tribe was created. It built a grand city for the dragon god and became the most powerful tribe on the continent.
[Special Rules]
  1. Dynamic World: The world is changing constantly. You will enjoy different gaming experiences every day.
  2. Endless Circle: Seven days is a circle. The world will be reset after the circle ends.

  • The old dragon god was so tired after the battle against the serpent god. It turned its power into the dragon grit to protect its people.
  • It's because of the power of the dragon grit that the world can restart over and over again. Every time the world restarts, the dragon grit will lose some energy. No one knows when the energy will dry up.
  • For the dragon tribe, the dragon grit is a treasure left by the dragon god. However, they don't know that the dragon grit is actually the rolling heart, which a fragment of universe heart that created the Dragon Continent.
This continent is full of rugged rocks, fertile black soil, rushing waterfalls, lofty mountains and flourishing trees. It contains rich divine power coming from the universe heart, allowing new gods to improve their power of deity. With more and more new gods coming, the continent is not stable any more.
  • [Continent Exploration]

    Follow Agres to explore the unknown world.

  • [7-day Fate World]

    From the dragon celebration to the doomsday eve, experience a 7-day epic from prosperity to ruin on the Dragon Continent!

    Challenge the world-class big quest with your Legion and heroes from all servers! The journey to the unknown world is about to begin!

  • Dragon Continent Wild Quest Boss Appear randomly Check event time
  • Kill bosses to get Serpent Treasure Box
  • Pick up Serpent Treasure Box Transform into boss
  • Keep treasure boxes to win snake treasures
  • 10 bosses appear each round
  • Invite friends to team up and challengeCheck event time
  • Find bosses to challenge
  • Kill to get rewards
    End challenge if you lose
  • The first two teams killed the boss will receive rewards
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Space of Doom

With the recapture of Holy Peak, the land has become prosperous again. But the evil spirits are still hiding in the dark.

Aglenn found the Space of Doom, an strange land made up with negative energy. In this space, negative emotions can be easily amplified. These emotions continue to collide with each other, and a large number of evil spirits are constantly bred. As the evil spirits' energy are relatively pure, you will receive Divine EXP if you eliminate them.

Aglenn wants you to defeat these evil spirits in the Space of Doom and restore the order on the land.

It's very dangerous in Space of Doom. It's said that many people found portals to special zones in the Space of Doom and never returned in the fight against evil spirits in corresponding zones. Only the strongest heroes can come back with surprising rewards from these special zones.


  • Primary Divine EXP Crystal

  • Standard Divine EXP Crystal

  • Senior Divine EXP Crystal

  • XP Energy Potion

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[Entry Rules]
  1. You can challenge once every day if you reach Divine Level 60.
  2. 1 week is a full cycle. You can't challenge on 00:00 to 08:00 on Mondays as it's the time to reset the cycle.
  3. You can't challenge it a little while before and after the server is reset. (06:30 to 08:00 every day)
[Challenge Rule]
  1. There are 999 floors in Infinite Void Tower. You can't give play to all of you power above floor 150 as you are oppressed.
  2. You need to pass the export power trial when you challenge Infinite Void Tower for the 1st time in each week. Your initial challenge floor will be decided by your trial score and then you need to challenge floor by floor from that floor.
  3. When you challenge Infinite Void Tower again in the same circle, you don't have to start from the beginning. You'll be teleported to the highest floor in this circle and then start the challenge from that floor.
[Rankings Rules]
  1. All heroes in a server will be ranked according to their highest challenge floor in this week. In each class, there will be top 15 top heroes on rankings.
[Reward Rules]
  1. After you challenge Infinite Void Tower for the 1st time in each circle, you'll get normal rewards according to your challenge floor.
  2. In the same circle, you can claim the sweeping rewards without challenge Trial Tower.
  3. When 1 challenge circle ends, you can claim 2 rewards for your highest record in the previous circle and your rankings in your class in your server.
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Dragon Celebration

Dragon celebration, the grand ceremony to celebrate the dragon god's birthday, is an annual major festival for dragons. It symbolizes the rebirth of the world.

The grand ceremony is held in Dragon City. On the ceremony, the golden dragon statue symbolizing the royal family emits a strong golden light, not only illuminating Dragon City, but also representing the grace of the dragon God. It shines in everyone's heart. The locals regard it as an auspicious omen.

During the celebration, all those who have saluted the golden dragon statue will be blessed by the Dragon God. At the warm invitation of the locals, heroes from the continent also take part in the celebration. Chef Dehart leads his cook and shares their elaborately-cooked food to all heroes. Zeus also prepares delicious Dragon Wine for you. You can also enjoy beautiful firework and peaceful night in the firework zone.

Noisy crowds, colorful flags, overhead fireworks, fragrant cuisine...Everyone is immersed in this shocking grand ceremony.

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Altar Battle

Evil light glimmers on the deserted altar. Swallowing Serpent is revived! Serpent Pontiff hijacked some priestess to help the serpent god restore its power! It even built arrays in Serpent God Array and wanted to sacrifice innocent lives to the serpent god!

Arrays on five direction of Serpent God Altar is defended by five strongest serpents, Shadow Demon Risser, Rock Demon Scott, Infernal Demon Talion, Blazing Demon Black and Ice Demon Calde respectively. These five monsters should watch hostages and support Serpent Pontiff with their power. The evil sacrifice array is being strengthened now. Once it is built, hostages will be sacrificed to the array to provide energy to the serpent god. Once it restores its power, the whole world will be destroyed!

In order to stop this, heroes from the continent go to Serpent God Array to rescue those hostages. A fierce battle will begin soon!

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Fate Duel

The doomsday comes as the prophesy said, and Dragon Continent is moving towards destruction. Without the protection of the dragon god, how can ordinary people resist the invasion of the serpent god? Serpents are going to gather in Serpent God Altar. It's the time for fate duel!

Serpents have come out of the nests and placed layers of blockade outside Dragon City. Evil and powerful leaders have appeared one after another. They maintain a huge ward and delay the time for the snake god to restore it highest power.

Blood, death, fear.. The battlefield is where hatred is born. Every resentful soul helps strengthen the serpent. During the battles in last few days, the dragon tribe has been seriously damaged and can only support you a little now. Fight with the heroes all over the world!

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  1. Explore the Dragon Continent and demystify Rolling Fate! In the relics, dungeon, palace and cave, you can search for the dragon god's treasures. Go to explore on your own!
  2. Click the Universal Pendant on the character interface to start your exploration. You can get some tips and clues on the page.
  3. Explore the continent to get achievement points and exchange them for abundant rewards!
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Points Rewards Amount
50 Samsara Twilight Fragment 10
100 Coco Pet Card Fragment 2
200 Fate Gauze Hairstyle Card 1
300 Samsara Twilight Fragment 15
400 Coco Pet Card Fragment 2
550 Irus Rein Fragment 10
700 Samsara Twilight Fragment 15
850 Samsara Twilight Avatar Card 1
1000 Irus Rein Fragment 10
1150 Coco Pet Card Fragment 2
1300 Samsara Twilight Fragment 20
1450 Coco Pet Card Fragment 3
1600 Irus Rein Fragment 15
1800 Samsara Twilight Fragment 20
2000 Coco Pet Card Fragment 3
2200 Samsara Twilight Fragment 20
2400 Irus Rein Fragment 15
2600 Coco Pet Card Fragment 3
2800 Coco Pet Card Fragment 5
3000 Irus Rein Fragment 15
3200 Coco Pet Card Fragment 5
3400 Irus Rein Fragment 15
3600 Coco Pet Card Fragment 5
3800 Irus Rein Fragment 20
4000 Mysterious Item 1
4250 Mysterious Item 1
4500 Mysterious Item 1
4750 Mysterious Item 1
5000 Mysterious Item 1
5250 Mysterious Item 1
5500 Mysterious Item 1
5750 Mysterious Item 1
6000 Mysterious Item 1
6250 Mysterious Item 1
6500 Mysterious Item 1
6750 Mysterious Item 1
7000 Mysterious Item 1
7250 Mysterious Item 1
7500 Mysterious Item 1
7750 Mysterious Item 1
8000 Mysterious Item 1
8250 Mysterious Item 1
8500 Mysterious Item 1
8750 Mysterious Item 1
9000 Mysterious Item 1

Time Watcher

It looks as if stars intersperse in the gorgeous purple skirt. When the past time burns into the beautiful flame, Time Watcher walks freely in different space and time and gets rid of the fate's control.

  1. You can participate individually or in a team if you reach Divine Level 65.
  2. You can challenge it successfully up to twice every day (including Ancient Fire Tomb).
  3. Eternal Hell in the difficulty of Normal, Hard and Nightmare mainly produces Divine Fires - Hell Fire.

    Spiritual Flame


    Spiritual Flame


    Hell Fire

    4000 Star Points

  4. Eternal Hell (Hero) in the difficulty of Normal, Hard and Nightmare mainly produces Divine Fires - Demon Eye.

    Spiritual Flame


    Hell Fire


    Demon Eye

    4000 Star Points

Quest Difficulty Divine Fire Equipment Advice Power of Divine Fire Advice
(Choose one from two equipment)
Spiritual Flame (Rare) suit of 8 pieces. Each piece reaches Bonus Level 10. Power of Divine Fire≥7050
Infernal Flame suit of 8 pieces. Each piece reaches Bonus Level 15.
(Choose one from two equipment)
Spiritual Flame (Epic) suit of 5 pieces and Hell Fire suit of 3 pieces. Each piece reach Bonus Level 15. Power of Divine Fire≥9600
Infernal Flame suit of 5 pieces and Genesis Flame suit of 3 pieces. Each piece reaches Bonus Level 20.
(Choose one from two equipment)
Spiritual Flame (Epic) suit of 2 pieces and Hell Fire suit of 6 pieces. Each piece reach Bonus Level 15. Power of Divine Fire≥12000
Genesis Flame suit of 8 pieces. Each piece reaches Bonus Level 20.
Normal (Hero) Hell Fire suit of 9 pieces. Each piece reach Bonus Level 20 Power of Divine Fire≥15000
Hard (Hero) Demon Eye suit of 3 pieces and Hell Fire suit of 5 piece. Each piece reach Bonus Level 20. Power of Divine Fire≥19500
Nightmare (Hero) Demon Eye suit of 6 pieces and Hell Fire suit of 2 pieces. Each piece reach Bonus Level 20. Power of Divine Fire≥22000

[Skill Description]

Death God Nano attacks its nearest hero once every 2s. If the hero leaves its attack range, it will choose another hero to attack.

[Recommended Tips]

You can converge your Eudemons to improve your survival ability. All of you can also change your position to be attacked by Death God by turn. In addition, if someone in your team has relatively higher defence, he can be the one who is attacked mostly.

Hero Mode
Check detailed walkthrough

Void covers the earth, and destruction brings eternity. The mysterious eyes from the dark void has a pure destructive power. For a split second, the divine fire will devour the earth and everything in the world will be turned into ash.

  1. 1The same kind of Divine Fire doesn't have only one suit effect any more.
  2. 2Divine Fire of level 265 may get different suit effects when it is unsealed. A piece in a rare suit will also have bonus attribute effects.
  3. 3If higher star quality of the same suit effect is open, it may get a suit effect of higher star when it is unsealed. The higher star, the stronger effect.
Example (as shown in the picture on the right)

If there are 8 Death Stare now, Death Stare suit of 3 pieces, 5 pieces and 8 pieces can be activated. Among them, there are 4 3-star Death Stare, 3 2-star Death Stare and 1 1-star Death Stare. The effect of Death Stare suit of 8 pieces is 1-star. The effect of Death Stare suit of 5 Pieces is 2-star 2. The effect of Death Stare suit of 3 pieces is 3- star.

[Suit Effect]
Suit 3 pieces effect 5 pieces effect 8 pieces effect
Spiritual Cry Critical Damage: 385    
Fire Hug Critical Damage: 435 Critical Hit: 435  
Death Stare: Star 0 Critical Damage: 435 Critical Hit: 435 Activation Effect: Critical Hit: 865, Critical Damage: 865, Divine Damage: +175, Cooldown: 1 min, Duration: 10s
Death Stare: Star 1 Critical Damage: 505 Critical Hit: 505 Activation Effect: Critical Hit: 1000, Critical Damage: 1000, Divine Damage: +200, Cooldown: 1 min, Duration: 10s
Death Stare: Star 2 Critical Damage: 800 Critical Hit: 800 Activation Effect: Critical Hit: 1585, Critical Damage: 1585, Divine Damage: +300, Cooldown: 1 min, Duration: 10s
Death Stare: Star 3 Critical Damage: 1155 Critical Hit: 1155 Normal: Critical Hit: 360, Critical Damage: 360,
Activation Effect: Critical Hit: 1585, Critical Damage: 1585, Divine Damage: +300, Cooldown: 1 min, Duration: 10s
[Transformation Requirement]
  1. 1The same Divine Fire slot
  2. 2The same amount of Divine Fire minor attributes
  3. 3Genesis Flame and Divine Fire above level 65
  1. 1 The level and EXP won't be exchanged.
  2. 2 You can spend some Star Points ensuring that Crit Chance, Critical Damage, Eudemon Protection and other attributes can be transformed. The following is the details:
    • Transform 3 minor attributes with 150000 Star Points;
    • Transform 2 minor attributes with 100000 Star Points;
    • Transform 2 minor attributes with 50000 Star Points;
Stage Ⅰ - Deity Idol
Stage Ⅱ - God

You can upgrade your Divine Level by Space of Doom, Chaosacre, Treasure Raider, Blood and Money and other quests!

Star Power Page

  1. You can preset some point increase projects and name them. And then you can switch to the project you want quickly.
  2. Add the skill list. Switch to the skill which needs to be strengthened quickly. Operate more conveniently.

[Dragon Palace]

As a grand palace in the center of Dragon City, it's used to make sacrifice sometimes. It's splendid and magnificent inside. Giant dragon totems can be seen everywhere, which symbolizes that the dragon god protects its subjects.

[Golden Statue]

As a spiritual symbol of the tribe, it represents the power of the dragon god. Whenever the dragon ceremony comes, it will shine brightly, attracting devout believers to pray.

[Dragon Portal]

General Mockingwind who defeated serpents collected various kinds of weapons and forged them into a great weapon. The weapon is set in the entrance to Dragon City.

[Dragon Post]

As a military center, the post has existed for many years and looks shabby. It's not guarded quite seriously. Most posts are used as a rest place for businessmen and travelers.

Serpent God Altar

Serpent God Altar is in a corner far away from Dragon City. Although the serpent god is killed, some believers still expect that he will return again. Now Serpent God may revive soon and defeat the world with its believers.


Stage Ⅱ - P1 Demigod Upgrade Need

  1. Upgrade Challenge: Unfinished
  2. Power of Divine Fire Need: 17500
  3. Breaking Item Need:
    Primitive Rune

    Description: It twinkles gently. You must own it before you challenge Divine Phase in God Sanctuary. You can get it by challenging Infinite Void Tower.


  1. All heroes in all servers whose Power of Divine Fire is ranked among top 2000 are on the rankings.
  2. Top 100 is heroes whose Power of Divine Fire are ranked among top 100 in all heroes in all servers. If you are among top 100, you'll get extra Bonus BP. With your stage upgrading, you will get more Bonus BP from the same rankings.
  3. Heroes whose social friends' Power of Divine Fire is ranked among top 100 will be on the social relationship rankings. Social friends include friends, the couple, the mentor or the apprentice, the Legion members, family members and enemies.
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