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Use Marine Crystals to sharpen the Sacred Trident and receive rewards.

Use Oxygem Pearls to explore and earn Marine Crystals.

Developing the Sacred Trident to compete for the ranking.

Recruit teams to venture into Mirror Sea and hunt down Mirror Demons.

Receive the Anniversary Benefits when you go online. Clear the lv.80 Divine Fire instance to receive other benefits.

Go to the Raging Arena to challenge Raging Gladiator Reyn.

  • Level
  • Basic Treats
    Unlock (Free)

  • Advanced Treats
    Unlock (2,688 EPs)

  • Superior Treats
    Unlock (5,388 EPs)

Note (Specific rewards are subject to in-game updates):

1. Complete the objectives in the "Returning Token" to gain EXP and level up to claim generous rewards from the "Basic Treats".
2. Spend 2,688 EPs to advance the pass and unlock the "Advanced Treats", harvesting even more rewards on top of the basic ones!
3. Spend 5,388 EPs to further advance the pass and unlock the "Superior Treats", taking rewards to the next level! Unlocking the "Superior Treats" will have the "Advance Treats" unlocked automatically; if the "Advanced Treats" has already been unlocked, you only need to spend 2,700 EPs to unlock the "Superior Treats".

New Curio Main Quest

It is said that Fire Lord Hetia for the first time infused sincere emotions into the Curios, sealing them in the Eternal Forest. This set of Curios witnessed a love myth of ancient gods that lasted for eternity, containing the inexhaustible vitality to rejuvenate all things, driving all heroes to madness.

New Curio Gameplay

The quality of the Immortal Curios ranges from low to high, with five grades: Normal, Refined, Superior, Elite, and Super. Curios of different qualities will carry random basic attributes.

  • 30 USD

    Universal Essence[B]*15

  • 54 USD

    Tomb Challenge Token[B]*2

    Holy Badge*270

  • 180 USD

    Rare Panacea[B]*20

    Luxury 30-star D Eudemon Bag*3

    God Tear Small Bag*5

    Holy Badge*360

  • 540 USD

    Mighty Lord Pack*1

    Saint Token*10

    Holy Badge*1080

Please refer to the game for the event content and specific rewards.