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Chronicle Keeper - Worth the Wait!

2021-12-08 00:00:00


Dear heroes, Good news!

The Chronicle Keeper has come to Eudemons Online World after Dec.15th.

With a white coat and a sharp blade, Chronicle Keeper can definitely write a new chapter for Yartland!

»Dedicated Page of Chronicle Keeper«



Chronicle Keeper



Min P-Attack Growth: 17;  Max P-Attack Growth: 60;  Min M-Attack Growth: 13;  Max M-Attack Growth: 42.

Initial HP: 290;  Initial M-Defense: 88;  Initial P-Defense: 88;  Initial Min M-Attack: 99.

Initial Max M-Attack: 99;  Initial Min P-Attack: 99;  Initial Max P-Attack: 99.



• The Chronicle Keeper has different forms depend on the Equipments.

• Equipments include: Weapon, Coat and Accessory.

• Different forms correspond to different skills and damage.

• Weapons and coats are classified as Basic and Super, with super equipments gaining higher damage.

• If players collect all of a form's equipment, an additional Suit Effect will be triggered.


Treasure Loft:

• Use Loft Key to enter the loft and get the exclusive accessories for Chronicle Keeper.

• Dreamfairy Ruby, Emerald Phin, Glass Laura, Glory Lulu, Spirit Dodo can be the inheritor of Ruby Loft/Laura&Phin Loft/Dodo&Lulu Loft.

• After one of the above Eudemons successfully inherits, Chronicle Keeper will inherit its Eudemon Grade and open corresponding loft.

• If the Grading of the Minor Eudemon is higher than that of Chronicle Keeper, you need to use some Chronicle Inherited Stones.

• If the Grading of the Minor Eudemon is lower than that of Chronicle Keeper, Chronicle Keeper won't inherit its Grading and only unseal corresponding loft.

• The Minor Eudemon will disappear after inheritance. Please think carefully.



• Dream Keeper also comes to Yartland with the Chronicle Keeper.

• Dream Keeper will increase Crit Chance and Crit Damage within some time.

• Players can use Eudemon Energy Crystal to awaken the Dream Keeper.


Heroes can Click here to check more details about Chronicle Keeper.