Eudemons Online

Winter Double Cheer

Chronicle · Keeper

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        Skill Details

        Suit Effect

        TIPS: All Suit Effects mentioned above will only take effects on summoned or converged Eudemons.

        Seeking Treasure in Loft

        Must get random Weapon or Coat, chance to get Accessory.

        Appointing Knight

        Appointing Knight

        Chronicle Keeper is burdened with the responsibility of Guardian and Dervish.


        After Chronicle Keeper is appointed as Guardian or Dervish, the passive effect will be triggered even it isn't summoned or converged.

        Available Eudemons: Chronicle Keeper, Dream Keeper, Emerald Phin, Glass Laura, Glory Lulu, Spirit Dodo, Dawn Watcher Lulu, Shadow Dodo, Warrior Lulu, Mage Dodo, Rainbow Dog.

        Inheritance Rules

        Inheritance Rules

        Chronicle Keeper can use Chronicle Inherited Stones to inherit the higher Eudemon Grade from the specific Eudemons. The more the star of Minor Eudemon, the more the Chronicle Inherited Stones you need.

        Inheritance Cost

        If the Minor Eudemon has over 100 stars, each 100 stars will cost 1 more Chronicle Inherited Stone.

        *E.g With 1 195-star Boom Tiger, you need to use 2 Inherited Stones to turn Chronicle Keeper into 195-star, then you will get 1 Boom Tiger Egg Pack.

        That is to say, 1 Minor Eudemon of 0-star to 100-star will cost 1 Inherited Stone; 1 Minor Eudemon of 101-star to 200-star will cost 2 Inherited Stones.

        Chronicle Inherited Stone

        Dream Keeper

        Check Eudemons Atrribute


        Mercutio Ophelia Benvolio Imogen


        Skill Description

        Dream Keeper will increase Crit Chance and Crit Damage within some time.

        Appointing Knight

        Dream Keeper can be appointed as Dervish and Guardian, and the passive effect will be triggered even it isn't summoned or converged.

        For better experience, please view your screen in landscape mode.

        Unlocking Loft

        1. Chronicle Keeper can use “Treasure Hunter” to open the Chronicle Keeper Loft. Use Loft Key to enter the loft and get the exclusive accessories for Chronicle Keeper.
        2. Dreamfairy·Ruby, Emerald·Phin, Glass·Laura, Glory·Lulu, Spirit·Dodo can be the inheritor of Ruby&Lilla Loft/Laura&Phin Loft/Dodo&Lulu Loft. After one of the above Eudemons successfully inherits, Chronicle Keeper will inherit its Eudemon Grade and open corresponding loft.
          1)3)Open Ruby&Lilla Loft/Laura&Phin Loft/Dodo&Lulu Loft for the first time to get 1 free chance to explore the loft. (You will surely get 1 Super Coat with corresponding passive skill effects.)
          2)If the Grading of the Minor Eudemon is higher than that of Chronicle Keeper, you need to use some Chronicle Inherited Stones. If the Grading of the Minor Eudemon is lower than that of Chronicle Keeper, Chronicle Keeper won't inherit its Grading and only unseal corresponding loft.
          3)The Minor Eudemon will disappear after inheritance. Please think carefully.
        3. Some Wonder Points will be returned for successful inheritance each time. With enough Wonder Points, Treasure Loft will appear and you can explore it for free once.