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How to Level Up

2021-11-29 00:00:00


With the release of new chapters, many heroes will find it difficult to upgrade in the early stages.

This is because after the update, the Eudemons Online World have increased the level required to upgrade before level 120.

Therefore, only killing monsters  will not significantly improve the hero's level.

So how to level up?



• Players can challenge the Expedition to gain EXP and rewards.

• In addition, The Expedition provides Offline Training, where players can claim Offline rewards.

• The higher level players pass, and the better rewards for Offline training.

• Players can speed up the existing Offline Training, and immediately get 120 minutes of online benefits after clicking.

• Speed Up can be used up to three times per day, the first time is free and the next two times cost 20EPs.

• It means that each player will get at least 360 minutes of experience per day from Expedition and a corresponding Offline experience.

Tips: The experience here relates to the number of levels of the Expedition players passed.

         Click here to check the details of Expedition.


The Forgotten Temple

• Players can gain amounts of EXP in this quest.

• Find NPC in Cronus to enter the Temple.

• Players may wake up monsters to gain different amounts of Soul Power.

• Absorb 10000 Soul Points within 180seconds to awaken the lord of the monsters. Challenge it to gain extra EXP.

• Players can only challenge the quest once a day, but you can use items to get extra challenge chance.



• Players can also use some items to level up.

• Such as: EXP Ball, LV.132 Upgrading Medal, Double EXP Potion, +EXP Gem, ect.