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Tips of Expedition

2021-11-22 00:37:00

At ChapterⅡ, there will be in-game guidance to help players begin the Expedition.
Players can also click "Event" to open the Event screen and find Expedition.
Players' morale is affected by their attribute scores, and the higher their attribute scores are, the higher their morale are.


The Expedition provides offline Training, where players can claim Offline rewards according to the number of levels a player has completed. The higher level players pass, and the better rewards for Offline training.
Players can speed up the existing Offline Training, and immediately get 120 minutes of online benefits after clicking, with one free opportunity per day and up to three speed up times per day.

Click on challenge to enter the realm and start the challenge. Please make sure to summon two Eudemons before starting the challenge.

Click the Expedition Heart to summon Expedition Watchers.

Defeat the Expedition Watchers within the specified time to pass the challenge.

After defeating the Expedition Watchers, players can see the rewards received in this level, and the player can choose to leave or continue to challenge the next level.

A more powerful Expedition Watchers will be released every ten level.
In Glory Hall, players can see the first hero to complete the corresponding level in the server, and the first player to complete the corresponding level will receive the first pass reward.