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Event Preview for November - Limited Weapon Soul!

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November is the month full of gratefulness, we're going to hold PP Drop around Thanksgiving Day, and the new limited coolest Weapon Soul will only be available this November!

Online Events:

1. Limited Azure Weapon Soul (Nov. 1 - Dec. 1)

The coolest outfit for your weapons ever! The Weapon Soul makes your weapon big and stunning, and there is no level requirement. However, this new set of Weapon Soul will only be available for ONE month in the Shopping Mall!

2. Kingdom Celebration (Nov. 10 - Nov. 22)

To celebrate the foundation of the Kingom, there will be five quests with tons of amazing rewards!

3. 4 Kinds of Carnival Packs (Nov. 17 - Nov. 30)

Check out your inventory for Carnival Pack specially designed for you.

4. PP Drop (Nov. 29 - Dec. 1)

Monsters will drop PPs! Have fun hunting, and use PPs to buy your favorite goods in the Shopping Mall!

Offline Events:

1. Thanksgiving Wheel (Nov. 6 - Dec. 1)

Spin the Thanksgiving Wheel, and win EPs, PPs, 30-star Saint XOs, and even some limited goodies!

2. Black Friday Auction

Join the Black Friday Auction and place your bid for luxurious items!

3. Turkey Pack Giveaway