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Daily Quest: Memory Game

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Memory Game
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Time 20:00 - 21:00 every evening
Reward Pass the 10-19 grade, and receive 1 hour's experience;
Pass the 20-29 grade, and receive 2 hour's experience.
Pass the 30-39 grade, and receive 3 hour's experience;
Pass the 40-49 grade, and receive 4 hour's experience.
Pass the 50-59 grade, and receive 5 hour's experience;
Pass the 60-69 grade, and receive 6 hour's experience.
Pass the 70-79 grade, and receive 7 hour's experience;
Pass the 80-89 grade, and receive 8 hour's experience.
Pass the 90-99 grade, and receive 9 hour's experience;
Pass the 100 grade, and receive 10 hour's experience.
Requirement Level 50+
Participation Times Once a Day
Location Memory Hall
Key Item Town Map Hachey Town Map
Key NPC Popper (Hachey Town 144, 201)
Riise (Hachey Town 87, 129)
Behre (Memory Hall 44, 40)

Brief Walkthrough

1. During the event time from 20:00 - 21:00, find Riise in Hackey Town (87, 129) to enter the Memory Hall.
2. Find Behre (44, 40) to sign up for the Memory Game.
3. Remember the given numbers and answer the corresponding questions The grade of difficulty of the questions increases gradually.
4. You can be rewarded if you have passed more than 10 grades!

Detailed Walkthough

Do you have full confidence in your brain? If the answer is yes! Come join the Memory Game to have your memory tested! Find Riise in Hackey Town (87, 129) during the event time, from 20:00 - 21:00, and enter the Memory Hall.

Memory Game

After you enter the Memory Hall, find Behre to sign up for the Memory Game.

Memory Game

The rules for the Memory Game are quite simple. You will be given a group of numbers, then try to memorize them all and answer the corresponding questions. You are advised to remember the order the numbers to do better in the Memory Game.

Memory Game

Answer the given questions within 15 seconds to pass this grade.

Memory Game

If you can pass more than 10 grades, you can claim a reward from Behre. The more grades you pass, the better rewards you can get! There are 100 grades in all.

Memory Game