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Daily Quest: Dancing Party

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Dancing Party
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Time 21:00 - 22:00 every evening
Reward Lucky Crystal
Requirement Level 50+
Participation Times Once a Day
Location Dancing Party Floral Plaza
Key Item Town Map Hachey Town Map
Key NPC Popper (Hachey Town 144, 201)
Chauntea (Hachey Town 185,102)
Aileen (Floral Plaza 63,43)
Dance Party Ranking (Floral Plaza 56,44)
Maureen (Floral Plaza 76,54)
Kurland (Floral Plaza 74,75)
Kety (Floral Plaza 50,75)
Dula (Floral Plaza 50,54)

Brief Walkthrough

1. Speak with Popper in Hachey Town (144, 201) to learn about the dance party in Floral Plaza.
2. From 21:00 - 22:00 every evening, find Chauntea (185,102) and ask her to send you to the Floral Plaza.
3. Find Aileen to join the Dance Party! Follow the dance steps she gave and dance to the beautiful music. With 5 minute's time, you are required to make 50 correct steps to win a Lucky Crystal.
4. If you are good enough, your will be listed on the Dance Party Rankings!

Detailed Walkthrough

The Dance Party will be a good event for you if you are a dance lover! Popper asks you to speak with Chauntea (185,102) from 21:00 - 22:00, and ask her to send you to the Floral Plaza.

Dancing Party

After you enter the Floral Plaza, find Aileen to join the Dance Party. Follow the dance steps she gives and dance to the beautiful music to win Lucky Crystals!

Dancing Party

During the Dance Party, the spotlight will throw pools of various colored lights on the stage. Follow Aileen's instructions and step in the corresponding light.

Dancing Party

If you can make 50 correct dance steps for 5 minutes, you will receive a Lucky Crystal!

Dancing Party

Dancing Party

You must have had a marvelous night! If you liked it, come again from 21:00 - 22:00, tomorrow!