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Credit to Exchange for Gifts

2022-07-20 00:00:00

Starting from Aug. 1, 2022, just credit Point Cards and claim EPs in the game, and you will receive lots of points, which can be used to exchange for EP Cards and other surprising items!


How to obtain points?

• Your total credit amount in a calendar month will earn you the corresponding points. Check out different credit tiers and the points you may receive:

Monthly Total Credit (US Dollar)
Points Available
[0.99, 10000)
Monthly Total Credit x 3.33
[10000, 50000)
Monthly Total Credit x 4
[50000, 100000)
Monthly Total Credit x 5.33
100000 or over
Monthly Total Credit x 8

• The total credit is based on a single character. The data of different characters under the same account will be separated.

• The event time follows the server time. The time on the US server, EU server and AS server are different.

• Points will only be counted after you claim the EPs. Please note that even though you’ve credited, the credit amount won’t be counted into the total credit of the month if you haven’t claimed the EPs in the game.

[Example 1: If you credit 80 EPs at 23:50, Aug. 31 (server time), and then you claim 80 EPs in the game at 00:03, Sep. 1. The points of this order will belong to September.]

• The points of a month are based on the total credit in that month. You’ll receive the points of a higher tier automatically once you cross the credit tier.

[Example 2: If your total credit reaches $8,000 on Aug. 5, you’ll receive 8,000 x 3.33 = 26,640 points, and then you credit another $4,000 on Aug. 6, your total credit will be $12,000, and your total points of August will be 12,000 x 4 = 48,000.]

• The money you spend in the Treasure Court will also be counted to the Monthly Total Credit.


How to use points?

• Log in to the game and enter the store, you may use the points collected to exchange for all kinds of limited items.

• Please note that the requirements of exchanging for EP Card [5400 EPs] and EP Card [54000 EPs] will be cancelled after the maintenance on Aug. 3rd.


Validity points

• The points will expire if you don’t use them within next month. Those earlier collected points will be deducted first.


EP Card & Price

EP Card
Price (US Dollar)
80 EPs
165 EPs
420 EPs
680 EPs
1380 EPs
2650 EPs
5400 EPs

• Some payment channels may have different prices and currencies, but the data of this event will only follow the chart above, accurate to the cent.

[Example 3: Crediting 80 EPs via Razer Gold costs you USD 1.18, but only USD 0.99 will be counted according to this event.]

[Example 4: Crediting 680 EPs via BOKU costs you AUD 15, but only USD 7.99 will be counted according to this event.]


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