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Europe Server Ceremony will be held on 6.5

2024-06-04 00:00:00

Anniversary gala unleashed, super new server revealed! The Europe Server Ceremony will be held on June 5th along with many new events.

The event has been completely revamped, featuring limited-time discounts on rare items that you won't want to miss!

New server promo packs and limited packs have been added, with Tiger Tokens, new Curios, and Dragon Candle Chests available! 


1. New Server Merchant


2024.6.5 - 2024.6.24 23:59


► The event has been revamped, featuring limited-time discounts on rare items. Don't miss out!

On sale:

Item Price Limit
New Server Promo Pack  10058 1
New Server Limited Pack 18851 1
Brave Badge Box 50 /
Heroic Badge Box 99 /
Master Badge Box 199 /
Lord Badge Box 1999 /
Divine Panacea Essence Pack 238 150
Divine Minor Pack 1500 /
Eudemon Souls Pack 4000 /
Divine Clover I 16 /
Divine Clover II 66 /
Luxury 6-Star Soul Pack 30 /
L80 Blessing Pack 1000 30
Silver Moon Crystal Chest 70 30
Sun Crystal Chest 180 30
Candle Star Chest 2800 3
Candle Moon Chest 5400 3
Candle Sun Chest 6300 3
Divine Fire Legacy 288 32
Special EXP Ball Pack x10 150 50
Universal Essence Pack 72 100
Divine Panacea Essence Pack 239 100
Universal O x10  180 100
God Tear 80 50
Expansion Scroll 99 50
ATK+20% Gem 999 10
DMG-15% Gem 699 10
BP+5 Gem 599 10
Miraculous Fire Chest 450 50
Super Fire Crystal 399 50
L80 Fortunate Fire Box 899 2

Please refer to the game for the specific content of the items.


2. New Server Credit


2024.6.5 - 2024.6.25 23:59


► Recharge up to $30/54/180/540 to get exclusive bonus!

► Recharge up tp $540, you will get the Mighty Lord Minotaur!

Recharge Bonus:

Amount Rewards
$30 Universal Essence[B]*15
$54 Tomb Challenge Token[B]*2
Holy Badge*270
$180 Rare Panacea[B]*20
Luxury 30-star D Eudemon Bag*3
God Tear Small Bag*5
Holy Badge*360
$540 Mighty Lord Pack*1
Saint Token*10
Holy Badge*1080

Holy Badge can be exchanged for items in the Gala Mall.

Please refer to the game for the specific content of the items.


Mighty Lord Introduction

The world shakes as Mighty Lord roars! Possessing great strength and powerful magic, Mighty Lord Minotaur is poised to make earthshaking changes to Yartland!

>>Mighty Lord Minotaur Special Page<<


3. New Server Token


2024.6.5 starts


► Complete the objectives in the "Token" to gain EXP and level up to claim generous rewards from the "Basic Treats".

► Spend 2,688 EPs to advance the pass and unlock the "Advanced Treats", harvesting even more rewards on top of the basic ones!

► Spend 5,388 EPs to further advance the pass and unlock the "Superior Treats", taking rewards to the next level! Unlocking the "Superior Treats" will have the "Advance Treats" unlocked automatically; if the "Advanced Treats" has already been unlocked, you only need to spend 2,700 EPs to unlock the "Superior Treats".

Advanced Treats Main Rewards List

Item Total
Candle Star Chest [B] 1
Mount Tomb Secret Chest [B] 5
Challenge Token [B] 10
L80 Jungle Fire [B] 20
1000 Eternal Crystal Box [B] 3
Embark Potion [B] 3
Star Point [B] 480000
L80 Fire Fragments [B] 170

Superior Treats  Main Rewards List

Item Total
Ragnar Pack [B] 1
Dragon Candle Select Chest [B] 1
Immortal Curio Chest [B] 2
Mount Tomb Secret Chest [B] 1
Immortal Refining Stone [B] 36
Candle Moon Chest [B] 1
Candle Sun Chest [B] 1
L80 Fire Fragments [B] 21

Please refer to the game for the specific content of the items.


4. Gala Mall


2024.6.5 starts


►Get  Holy Badge by participating in New Server Credit, New Server Merchant's Gift and etc.

► Holy Badge can be exchanged for items in the Gala Mall.